Situated in the extreme south-east of the Western Palearctic, Armenia has been somewhat neglected as a birding destination. Overshadowed by it's larger neighbour Turkey, the closed border between the two countries has prevented the many birders who have visited eastern Turkey continuing east into Armenia. Hosting many of the specialities of eastern Turkey (including Caucasian Grouse, Mongolian Finch and Grey-necked Bunting), Armenia has an advantage in that the majority of the key birding sites are located within easy striking distance of the capital, Yerevan. Armenia hosts one Western Palearctic endemic, Persian Wheatear. (Text by Chris Batty)

Armenian Gulls

Armenian Gull © Pete Wragg

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The birds of Armenia and Georgia, June - July 2004 by Chris Batty, author Surfbirds Admin (link created October 2, 2004)

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