Given its recent history, few birdwatchers have been to Burundi for a decade or more and records are limited. With a species list of almost 600 in such a small country, one can only hope that travel possibilities improve in the not too distant future.

There are no endemic species in Burundi but the montane forests and associated habitats hold 23 of the 37 species of the Albertine Rift Endemic Bird Area. Parts of four biome-restricted assemblages occur in Burundi: a very small element of Guinea-Congo Forests biome remains in the west with 8 out of the 278 restricted species; Lake Victoria Basin biome in the east of the country with 11 of its 12 species; the montane forests of the Congo-Nile watershed hold 66 species of the Afrotropical biome; and some elements of the Zambezian biome occur along with 9 of the 67 characteristic species.

Wetlands include large areas of papyrus and all the African bird species that are endemic to such swamps occur. Most significant areas of wetland are in protected areas of which Burundi has five categories: National Park; Nature Reserve; Forest Reserve; Protection Forest and Natural Monument.

Text supplied by the African Bird Club


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