The Republic of Cape Verde is situated in the eastern Atlantic about 500 km west of Senegal. There are 10 main islands (of which 9 are inhabited) and several uninhabited islets. The eastern islands are generally flat with peaks reaching only a few hundred metres and the western islands are mountainous reaching over 1,500 metres. The climate is warm and dry and the main rainy season extends from August to October. With a number of endemic land birds and large seabird colonies with species which are difficult to see elsewhere in the area, the Cape Verde Islands offer much of interest. Raso Lark, which is entirely confined to a single island with a total population of 45 pairs, is one of the world's rarest birds. Cape Verde Swift, Cape Verde Warbler and Iago Sparrow are the other endemic species. Also of interest to birders are an additional seven land birds and two seabirds recognised by various authorities as being endemic including sought after Cape Verde Purple Heron and Cape Verde Little Shearwater. Text supplied by the African Bird Club

Cape Verde Swift

Cape Verde Swift © Dave Barnes, from the surfbirds galleries

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