Cuba's avifauna features a rich array of species endemic and near endemic to the island. It is also one of the better places to see a variety of birds confined to the larger Caribbean. With some twenty-eight Cuban endemics including such delights as Cuban Kite (found only in Humboldt National Park and the Cuchillas de Toa Biosphere Reserve), Zapata Rail, Cuban Screech Owl, Bee Hummingbird, Cuban Trogon, Cuban Gnatcatcher and Zapata Sparrow, eleven Cuban near endemics and twelve Caribbean endemics, visiting birders can compile an impressive list.

The high season for visiting birders is January through April. In January all but one (Cuban Martin) of the core island endemics are present and wintering northern waterfowl, waders and wood warblers are at peak numbers.

Best birding locations include the Cordillera de Guaniguanico, the Zapata area, the Sierra de Najasa and Cayo Coco. The Cordillera de Guaniguanico is a low but impressive range of limestone hills running 150 kilometres from the eastern border of Pinar del Rio Province to near the western tip of the island. Target species here are Cuban Solitaire and Olive-capped Warbler. Zapata (Matanzas Province, south central Cuba) contains a mix of habitats; the vast marshland of the Zapata Swamp, the tidal rock flats and mangrove islets of La Salina, and the forests near the towns of Palpita, Soplillar and Bermejas. Key birds here include, amongst others Gray-fronted Quail-Dove, Blue-headed Quail-Dove and Bee Hummingbird. But don't expect to see Zapata Rail. Cayo Coco is a string of islands stretching along Cuba´s northeast coast. The caye is 45 kilometres long and home to emerald waters, white sand beaches and several large tourist resorts. The target species here are the endemic Cuban Gnatcatcher and Oriente Warbler, the near endemic Thick-billed Vireo and the Caribbean endemic Bahama Mockingbird.

Cuban Tody

Cuban Tody © Pete Aley

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