Along its eastern border with Poland, the Beskydy Mountains hold important populations of several sought-after species. The forests, marshes, peat-bogs and open tundra support important populations of Black Stork, Hazelhen, White-backed and Three-toed Woodpeckers as well as significant populations of Red-breasted and Collared Flycatchers. At the other end of the country, bordering Austria and Germany, the Sumava Mountains with extensive conifer forests support hundreds of pairs of Hazelhen alongside Eagle, Pygmy, Tengmalm's and recently re-introduced Ural Owls.

The confluence of the Morava and the Dyje rivers, close to the Austrian borders, has formed one of the Czech Republic's most important wetlands. Characterised by limestone outcrops the area holds important numbers of breeding wetland species as well as, in winter, large numbers of Bean and White-fronted Geese, White-tailed Eagles and even the possibility of Wallcreeper.

Tengmalm's Owl

Tengmalm's Owl © Soren Kristoffersen

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