With a good tourist infrastructure and many historical sites to visit, Egypt is a popular destination. Luckily for birdwatchers, tourist destinations such as the Pyramids, the Red Sea and the Upper Nile coincide with important locations for birdwatching. Its strategic position with a land bridge and short sea crossings between Africa and Asia ensures that Egypt is an important country for migrants and wintering species.

The climate is desert with hot, dry summers and moderate winters. The Nile supports most of the country's wetlands including the Bitter Lakes; Wadi El Natrun; Lake Qarun; Wadi El Rayan Lakes and Lake Nasser. Oases are the only source of water over much of the western desert. Egypt has no endemic or restricted range species although White-eyed Gull is endemic to the Red Sea.

There are 18 species with relatively small world distributions for which Egypt constitutes an important part of their range. Lake Bardawil has large wintering populations of Greater Flamingo; Gebel Maghara holds seven breeding lark species including Greater Hoopoe-Lark, Desert Lark, Greater Short-toed Lark and Dunn's Lark; Quseima includes two drinking water sources which are important for Pin-tailed, Black-bellied, Spotted and Crowned Sandgrouse. Wadi Gerafi is one of the few areas in Egypt for MacQueen's Bustard.

Text supplied by the African Bird Club

White-eyed Gull

White-eyed Gull © Peter Nash

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