Ghana covers a variety of habitats from coastal wetland lagoons, through primary upper guinea tropical rainforest with an amazing canopy walkway, north guinea woodland and Sahelian Savannah plains. A birdwatching tour of Ghana, gives you good coverage of the key West African habitats, a diverse bird list and the most reliable and accessible picathartes site in West Africa Since the rediscovery of the Yellow-headed Picathartes in 2003, Ghana has become the new hot destination for birders. With the most developed tourism infrastructure and friendliest people in West Africa, there has never been a better time to discover Ghana's amazing birdlife. The following species are just a selection of achievable targets for a birdwatching tour of Ghana: Yellow-headed Picathartes, Olive Ibis, Dwarf Bittern, Akun, Frasers and Shelley's Eagle Owls, Pels Fishing Owl, African Finfoot, Egyptian Plover, Blue-headed, Black, Rosy and Northern Carmine Bee–eaters, Nkulengu Rail, Standard-winged and Brown Nightjars, Forest Scrub Robin, Hartlaub's Duck, Congo Serpent Eagle, Long-tailed Hawk, White-spotted Flufftail, African Piculet and Yellow-footed Honeyguide.

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Yellow-headed Picathartes

Yellow-headed Picathartes © Nick Bray

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Ghana - an amazing 17 days, July - August 2017, author Julian Branscombe (added October 9, 2017)
(Ghana, Upper Guinea Forest, Ankasa, Mole, Shai Hills, Bonkro, Offinso, Kakum, Sakumono Lagoon, Winneba Plain, Bobiri, Subri, White-necked Picathartes, Abyssinian Ground Hornbill, Yellow-casqued Hornbill, Black-casqued Hornbill, Blue-moustached Bee-eater, )

Southern Ghana - 7th - 19th February 2010, author Erling Krabbe (added October 21, 2010)
(Picathartes, Rockfowl, Yellow-headed Rockfowl, Ankasa NP, Kakum NP, Atewa Range, Shai Hills, Keta Lagoon, Wenneba Plains, Bobiri Butterfly Forest, Hartlaub's Duck, Nimba Flycatcher, Black Dwarf Hornbill, White-breasted Guineafowl, Ghana)

Ghana, author Clayton Burne (link created November 6, 2011)
(Accra - Shai Hills - Sakumono Lagoon - Kakum NP (Antwikwaa, Aboabo, Nsuta) - Brenu Beach - Ankasa CA - Bonkro Forest - Mole NP - Tono Dam - Tongo Hills - Bobiri BF - Atewa Range)

Ghana Sep 2010, author Rockjumper Birding Tours (link created March 9, 2011)

Ghana - February 28th - March 10th, 2010, author Mike Nelson (added March 29, 2010)
(Kakum, Mole, Pel's, Picathartes, Standard-winged Nightjar)

Ashanti African Birding Tours - Recommended bird guides in Ghana, author Mark Williams (added March 26, 2009)

Ghana - Upper Guinea Rainforest and Savannah - 25th January - 9th February 2009, author Mark Williams (link created March 25, 2010)
(16 day birding tour with main emphasis on photography)

Ghana - 5th - 17th December 2008, author Mark Williams (link created March 18, 2010)
(personalised tour concentrating on Upper Guinea endemics with Ashanti African Tours)

Ghana - 4th to 18th December 2010, author Ian Merrill (added March 14, 2011)
(Long-tailed Hawk, Akun Eagle-Owl, Fraser's Eagle-Owl, Chestnut Owlet, Red-chested Owlet, Brown Nightjar, Black Dwarf Hornbill, Yellow-casqued Hornbill, Yellow-headed Picathartes, Capuchin Babbler, Red-fronted Antpecker)

Ghana - February 2014, author John van der Woude (link created March 1, 2014)

Southern Ghana - March - April 2012, author Herve Jacob (added June 21, 2012)

Six Days in Ghana, April, 2008, author Mark Gawn (added July 21, 2008)
(Ghana, Shia Hills, Kakum, White-necked Picathates)

A Taste of Ghana - June 2019, author Jim McConnell (added July 17, 2019)
(White-necked Rockfowl, Long-crested Eagle, Great Blue Turaco, African Finfoot, Rock Pratincole, Egyptian Plover, etc.)

More birding by bus in Ghana - 16th January to 5th February 2009, author Mike Bowman (added February 18, 2009)
(Birding by bus, Kakum, Mole, Aboabo, Antwikaa)

Ghana - 10th - 28th January 2020, author David Bryant (added February 13, 2020)
(Upper Guinea forests, Mole National Park, Yellow-headed Picathartes, Egyptian Plover)

Ghana - March 1st - 16th 2008 - with Ashanti African Tours, author Robert Ntakor (added February 10, 2009)
(Yellow-headed Picathartes, Pels Fishing Owl, Chocolate-backed Kingfisher, Standard-winged Nightjar, Brown Nightjar, Black Bee-eater, African Finfoot, Long-tailed Hawk, Congo Serpent Eagle.)

Ghana - with Ashanti African Tours led by Robert Ntakor, author Robert Ntakor (added February 10, 2009)
(Yellow Headed Picathartes, Blue Headed Bee Eater, Congo Serpent Eagle, Black Bee Eater, White Spotted Flufftail, Long Tailed Hawk, Yellow Footed Honeyguide, African Piculet, Frasers Eagle Owl, African Finfoot, Brown Nightjar)

Ghana - rainforest and savanna birds - 17 November - 7 December 2009, author Stephen Blaber (added December 26, 2009)
(Kakum, Mole, Bobiri, Aboabo, Winneba, Tono Dam, Picathartes, hornbills)

Ghana - November 2018, author Martin Tribe (added December 24, 2018)
(Kakum, Ankasa, Mole, Atewa, Tongo Hills, Black Bee-eater, Rosy Bee-eater, Blue-moustached Bee-eater, Egyptian Plover, Akan Eagle-owl, Fraser's Eagle-owl)

Ghana - 18th Febuary to 6th March 2013, author Jon Hornbuckle (added December 20, 2013)
(Yellow-headed Picathartes, Akun and Fraser’s Eagle-Owls, Black-billed and Red-billed Dwarf-Hornbills, Egyptian Plover, White-throated and Ahanta Francolins, Brown Nightjar, Blue-moustached, Bee-eaters, Capuchin Babbler, Olivaceous Flycatcher)

Ghana - 22nd April - 8th May 2011, author Dick Meijer and Peter van Scheepen (link created December 1, 2012)
(Main objective to see as many of the Upper Guinea forest endemics with Yellow-headed Picathartes top of our list.)

Ghana - April 2018, author Phil Gregory (added August 7, 2018)
(Picathartes, Egyptian Plover, Red-footed Falcon, Spot-breasted Ibis)

The Forests of Ghana - 15th - 25th April 2009, author Pete Morris (link created August 15, 2009)
(This Birdquest trip focused on the Upper Guinea forest endemic birds - some 300+ species seen)

Ghana - 11 day Rainforest Tour - 3rd - 14th November 2011, author Mike Clarke (added August 1, 2012)
(With Ashanti Tours visting Kakum, Ankassa, Atewa with Picathartes, African Broadbill, Lon-tailed Hawk, Rosy Bee-eater, Dwarf Hornbills, Hartlaubs Duck)

Ghana: Pel's and Picathartes... by Tropical Birding, author Sam Woods/Tropical Birding (added April 20, 2008)
(White-necked Rockfowl (Yellow-headed Picathartes))

Ghana - 12 day tour to Kakum, Ankasa, Bobiri, Shai Hills and Picathartes site - 28th March – 8th April 2016, author Julian Thomas (added April 16, 2016)
(Gaboon Viper, Yellow-headed Picathartes, White-spotted Flufftail, Akun Eagle Owl, Long-tailed Hawk, African Finfoot)

Ghana Nov-Dec 2011, author Rockjumper Birding Tours (link created April 11, 2012)

Ghana September 2010, author Rockjumper Birding Tours (link created April 11, 2012)

Ghana Nov-Dec 2010, author Rockjumper Birding Tours (link created April 11, 2012)

Ghana - January 2011, author David Milton (added April 10, 2011)
(Egyptian Plover, Forbes' Plover, Ankasa, Mole NP, Picathartes)

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