Located at the southern end of the Lesser Antilles chain of islands, Grenada is a tri-island state comprised of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. Grenada supports a wide diversity of forest types, including rainforest, deciduous forest and dry woodlands, and mangrove forest. Like many Caribbean islands, Grenada was cleared of most of its forests to make way for sugarcane cultivation.

In Grenada the symbol of national patrimony and of prospective change is the Grenada Dove. The species is limited to two isolated patches of secondary seasonal dry forest in the southwest and west of the island. With so few individuals, the dove is the focus of a range of conservation efforts.

Over 160 species of birds have been recorded from Grenada, with resident landbirds represented by just 35 species. The remainder is comprised of Neotropical migrants, waterbirds and seabirds. There are seven Lesser Antilles endemic bird area restricted-range species, which include the Grenada Dove and the Grenada Hook-billed Kite, both endemic to Grenada. Others include the Grenada Flycatcher, the Lesser Antillean Tanager and the Lesser Antillean Bullfinch.

Little has been documented concerning the status and distribution of Grenada’s breeding and non-breeding seabirds (or waterbirds and migrants). However, some of the unpopulated islets between Grenada and Carriacou are important areas for breeding seabirds, particularly the Red-footed Booby and the Brown Booby. Also observed are the Roseate Tern, Bridled tern and Sooty Tern.

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Grenada Dove

Grenada Dove © Pete Morris

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