Guatemala is fast becoming a popular birding destination. With more than 720 species, birders can enjoy not just the vibrant Mayan culture and ancient temples but also the country’s diverse avifauna. The greatest concentration of range- and biome-specific species is found in the highlands where some ten per cent of the breeding species are endemic to the northern Central American highlands. Birds such as Horned Guan, Pink-headed Warbler, Azure-rumped Tanager and Black-capped Siskin are range restricted to the mountains of Guatemala and Mexico. However, for the greatest diversity head to the Atlantic lowlands where more than 500 species have been recorded. A total of twenty-one Important Bird Areas have been designated in Guatemala. But long-term habitat conservation remains challenging. The country's population grew by more than a third in the last decade putting yet more pressure on the natural environment. Protected areas cover a third of the country but many reserves exist only on paper. A number of excellent private reserves include Los Tarrales reserve ( on the southern slope of Atitlan volcano and the Chelemha reserve ( in the Yalijux Mountains. These reserves support a number of regional endemics and globally threatened species. As with many parts of Central America, birders should exercise caution at all times. Text adapted from Knut Eisermanns article in Winging It – Sept/Oct 2007

Pink-headed Warbler

Pink-headed Warbler, copyright Alan Lewis

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