Most of Iran is arid, although north of the Elburz Moutains, the country is green and lush receiving most of the country's rainfall. Over 490 bird species have been recorded. Specialities include the Sind Woodpecker, endemic to Pakistan and South-east Iran whilst in the South-west bordering Iraq, reed-bed specialities include Iraq Babbler and Basra Reed Warbler. The Elburz Mountains hold typical Middle-east species such as Radde's Accentor, Red-fronted Serin, Red-tailed Wheatear, White-throated Robin along with Plain Leaf Warbler and Green Warbler. Higher up, Caspian Snowcock is not uncommon. In the semi desert/steppe on the edges of Dasht-e-kavir look out for the endemic Pleske's Ground Jay, along with Macqueen's Bustard and Asian Desert Warbler.

Given current insecurities in the Middle-east, birders are advised not to travel alone in Iran. For more information read Birding in Iran by Bjorn Johansson, Alula 3/2005

Black-headed Penduline Tit

Black-headed Penduline Tit © Simon Papps

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Iran - near Jask city, Hormozgan province - February 2011, author Ali Alieslam (added December 6, 2014)
(First record for Iran of Black-naped Monarch Hypothymis azurea, near Jask city, Hormozgan province )

Interesting Bird observations from the Hormozgan province of Iran - March - October 2004, author Surfbirds Admin (added December 16, 2004)
(Locations of and sightings from four internationally important wetlands plus Sind Pied Woodpecker plus lots of photos)

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Near Jask city, Hormozgan province , On 13 February 2011 in the morning, during a trip author Ali Alieslam (added December 6, 2014)