Latvia is situated in north-eastern Europe and has 500km of Baltic Sea coastline. Almost all of Latvia is below 200m elevation and comprises mainly forest and farmland. Central Latvia - Zemgale - is the lowest and is epxecially rich in rivers and floodplains. Eastern Latvia - Latgale - has numerous lakes, whilst Vidzeme in the north-east has large bogs and mires. Large tracts of forest are found everywhere, except Zemgale.

Key habitats: 44.6% of Latvia is covered by (mainly mixed) forest dominated by pine, birch and spruce.

Total bird species recorded: 326 Globally threatened bird species: 3 - Corncrake (26,000 - 38,000 breeding pairs); Greater Spotted Eagle (up to five breeding pairs); Aquatic Warbler (small breeding population rediscovered in 2000)

Near Threatened bird species: 3 - Ferruginous Duck (up to 10 pairs breeding irregularly); White-tailed Eagle (15 - 25 breeding pairs); Great Snipe (200 - 300 breeding pairs)

Important Bird Areas: 61 Number of National Parks: 3 National Parks, 4 Nature Reserves, 211 restricted Nature Territories

The BirdLife Partner: Latvian Ornitholigical Society. Date founded: February 1985. Members: 744

Text courtesy Birdlife International


Corncrake © Francisco Javier Garcia Vargas

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