Mali contains within its borders huge extremes of habitats, vegetation and avifauna. Key wintering grounds for Palearctic water birds and breeding areas for African water birds are found where the Niger River forms a large interior delta between the historic cities of Djenne and Timbuktu. The Sahara Desert occupies the entire northern half of Mali, and the Sahel zone runs through Mali from east to west, each with its own unique avifauna. South of the Sahel are Sudanian savanna and Guinea savanna. The list of Malian species is currently being revised and will probably total between 400 and 500. Egyptian Plover, Cricket Warbler, Chestnut-backed Sparrow Lark, Sudan Golden Sparrow, African Swallow-tailed Kite, Fox Kestrel, Hamerkop and the endemic Mali Firefinch are not difficult to find. (Text courtesy African Bird Club)

Sudan Golden Sparrow

Sudan Golden Sparrow, copyright Allen Holmes

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