Martinique is a rugged Caribbean island that’s part of the Lesser Antilles. An overseas region of France, its culture reflects a distinctive blend of French and West Indian influences.

Martinique has one single-island endemic; the Martinique Oriole. However, three other species occurring on Martinique are found only on one other island. These species are the White-breasted Thrasher (St. Lucia), Blue-headed Sunbird (Dominica), and Grey Trembler (St. Lucia).

The Réserve Naturelle de la Caravelle, to give it the official title, covers the end third of the Caravelle Peninsula, which juts out of the northeast coast. This reserve is the last refuge to the critically endangered White-breasted Thrasher, around 40 pairs of which still hold on. Additionally, this is one of the best places on Martinique to search for the Martinique Oriole.

Plateau Boucher, in northern central Martinique, with good access to montane rainforest, offers the opportunity to locate several of the rarer, interesting species. This is probably the best place to find the Rufous-throated Solitaire, Blue-headed Hummingbird and Grey Trembler, though the later is as rare here as everywhere on Martinique. Other possibilities are Lesser Antillean Swift and Martinique Oriole.

Grey Trembler

Grey Trembler © John Oates

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