Although long overlooked by birders, Myanmar, formerly Burma, with a species list over 1,000 will surely soon join its neighbours Thailand and India on the regular birding circuit. Individual travel is now permitted, although the local infrastructure leaves much to be desired.

The country holds four endemics, White-throated Babbler, Burmese Bushlark, Hooded Treepie and White-browed Nuthatch. The first three of these can be seen amongst the splendour of the Bagan temples, Myanmar's most popular tourist destination. To see White-browed Nuthatch, you will have to travel to Mt.Victoria in the Chin Hills, 150m west of Bagan. Other species such as the beautiful Rufous-gorgetted Flycatcher and Red-flanked Bluetail are widespread in Myanmar. For more information read Myanmar – a trip to see endemics by John Holmes, Alula 1/2006

White-throated Babbler

White-throated Babbler © Mark Sutton

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