Pakistan, officially the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, is the fifth-most populous country with a population exceeding 209 million. In area, it is the 33rd-largest country, spanning 881,913 square kilometres. Pakistan has a 1,046-kilometre coastline along the Arabian Sea and Gulf of Oman in the south and is bordered by India to the east, Afghanistan to the west, Iran to the southwest, and China in the far northeast. It is separated narrowly from Tajikistan by Afghanistan's Wakhan Corridor in the northwest, and also shares a maritime border with Oman.

On a recent Birdquest trip to the Western Himalayas of Pakistan, an exploration of part of the world whose birds are poorly known and rarely seen, the group were able to enjoy some great birding in world-class scenery, recording 190 species, a birdlist rich in quality with many near-endemics and regional specialities. Species seen included Koklass Pheasant, Brown-fronted and Himalayan Woodpeckers, Pied, Lesser and Grey-bellied Cuckoos, Slaty-headed Parakeets, White-eyed and Himalayan Buzzards, Indian Golden Oriole, Tibetan Blackbird, Chestnut Thrush, Rusty-tailed Flycatcher, White-tailed Rubythroat, Himalayan Red-flanked and Golden Bush Robins, White-bellied Redstart, Kashmir and White-cheeked Nuthatches, Bar-tailed Treecreeper, Spot-winged, Rufous-naped, White-throated and the near-endemic White-cheeked Tits, Streak-throated Swallow, Indian Reed Warbler, Tickell’s Leaf, Sulphur-bellied, Lemon-rumped, Hume’s, Large-billed Leaf, Tytler’s Leaf and Western Crowned Warblers, Variegated Laughingthrush, Black-chinned Babbler, Upland and Rosy Pipits, Fire-fronted Serin, Grey-headed Goldfinch, Spectacled Finch, Pink-browed and Himalayan White-browed Rosefinches, Black-and-Yellow Grosbeak and White-capped and Chestnut-eared Buntings.

Mammals were quite visible and included Common Goral, Kashmir Grey Langur, Golden Jackal, Long-tailed Marmot, Stoat and Kashmir Flying Squirrel.

Golden Bush Robin

Golden Bush Robin © Mike Nelson

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Northern & Central Pakistan, 12th October - 4rd November 2007, author Menno Hornman (added September 3, 2008)
(Rufous-vented Prinia, Brooke's Leaf-Warbler, White-cheeked Tit, Kashmir Nuthatch, Blyth's Rosefinch, Spectacled Finch)

Pakistan - The Western Himalayas - 19th - 31st July 2005, author Pete Morris (link created August 15, 2009)
(This was the second Birdquest trip to this poorly known birding region, but 190 species, many near endemics and world-class scenery meant some great birding)

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