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Of all the birding destinations in the world, Papua New Guinea would have to rank as the most fascinating and exotic. This, the second largest island in the world, still has many areas with little or no exposure to Western influence. Papua New Guinea has a diverse range of habitats from winding lowland rivers and sprawling grasslands to rich highland ecosystems and forested valleys where native tribesmen still mimic the fabulous birds-of-paradise. The virtually untouched forests come alive in avian sights and sounds in a place where ornately patterned fruit-doves and brilliantly coloured fig-parrots dash overhead; bright fairy-wrens and whistlers flit through the undergrowth and paradise-kingfishers perch ready to strike. The air is pierced with the songs of elusive jewel-babblers and pittas; honeyeaters and berrypeckers join energetic flocks of sunbirds and gerygones and bowerbirds build elaborate frameworks of twigs and assorted items to attract mates; and over twenty species of dazzling birds-of-paradise present elaborate iridescent colours and wild tail plumes in one of the most astonishing exhibits of the natural world. Papua New Guinea is an enchanting and under-travelled country where you can expect to see a phenomenal variety of remarkable birds and vast regions of immaculate forest that have been experienced by few people on earth. Over 400 species of birds on a single trip is not unknown including as many as 25 species of birds-of-paradise. Text kindly provided by Rockjumper – leading bird tour operators with worldwide destinations including Papua New Guinea.

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New Britain and Bougainville - Papua New Guinea - August 11th - 29th 2011, author Phil Gregory (added September 3, 2011)
(Walindi, Rabaul, Arawa, Panguna, Odedi, Crested Cuckoo Dove, Pale Mountain Pigeon, New Britain Grey-headed Goshawk, Pink-legged Rail, Duchess Lorikeet, Meek's Lorikeet, Bougainville Monarch, Bougainville Crow, Bougainville Honeyeater)

Papua New Guinea - 21st June to 11th July 2009, author Jon Hornbuckle (added September 22, 2009)
(22 birds-of-paradise species, 3 Owlet-Nightjars, including Spangled, New Guinea Eagle, Doria’s Hawk, Meyer’s Goshawk, Southern Crowned-Pigeon, Hook-billed Kingfisher)

Papua New Guinea - Paradise at the End of the World - May 27- June 1, 2010, author Dominic Chaplin (added September 17, 2010)
(Alotau, Normanby Island, Goldie's Bird of Paradise, Curl-crested Manucode)

Papua New Guinea, Bismarck & Admiralty Islands, 1st - 29th August 1999, author Surfbirds Admin (added September 11, 2004)

Papua New Guinea, April 2nd - 18th 2000, author Surfbirds Admin (added September 11, 2004)

Papua New Guinea, June - July 2003 - In search of Birds of Paradise, author Surfbirds Admin (added September 11, 2004)

Papua New Guinea, 15th June - 6th July 2003 - On the trail of the Birds of Paradise, author Surfbirds Admin (added September 11, 2004)

Papua New Guinea - June & September 2008, author Dominic Chaplin (added October 6, 2008)
(Papua New Guinea, Birds of Paradise, Pheasant Pigeon, Little Paradise Kingfisher, Brown-headed Paradise Kingfisher)

Papua New Guinea - Highlights 2016, author Phil Gregory (added October 30, 2016)
(Varirata, Ekame, Rondon, Kumul Lodge, Ambua, Lake Murray)

Indonesia - West Papua - June 4th - 28th 2015, author Phil Gregory (added October 30, 2016)
(Nimbokrang, Biak, Lake Habbema, Arfak Mts)

Papua New Guinea 11-18 October 2009, author Dominic Chaplin (added October 30, 2009)
(Tari, Varirata, Brown River, King Bird of Paradise, Salvadori's Teal, Wattled Ploughbill)

Papua New Guinea - 24th July - 15th August 2006, author Ashley Banwell (added October 20, 2006)
(Highlights included Shovel-billed Kingfisher, Papuan Whipbirds, Southern Crowned Pigeon, Marbled Frogmouth, Flame-mantled Bowerbird and 24 species of Bird of Paradise)

Papua New Guinea - 7th June – 11th July 2010, author Ashley Banwell (added October 13, 2010)
(Herowana, Huon, Normanby, Varirata, Kwatu Lodge, Kumul Lodge, Tari Valley, Tabubil)

Bougainville - 12th - 22nd July 2010 , author Ashley Banwell (added October 13, 2010)
(Odedi, Mountain Whistler, Ultramarine Kingfisher, Solomon Sea Eagle, Woodford's Rail, Fearful Owl)

Papua New Guinea - 27 August - 3 September, 2009, author Dominic Chaplin (added November 7, 2009)
(Papua New Guinea, Madang, Keki Lodge, Fire-maned Bowerbird, Vulturine Parrot, Blyth's Hornbill)

Papua New Guinea – 21st – 24th September 2016, author Petter Zahl Marki (added November 23, 2016)
(Keki Lodge, Victoria Crowned pigeon, Fire-maned Bowerbird, Dimorphic Jewel-Babbler, Banded Yellow Robin)

Papua New Guinea: 15th July to 4th August 2010, author Jon Hornbuckle (added November 17, 2010)
(Tari, Kumul Lodge, Tabubil, Kiunga, Buff-tailed Sicklebill, NG Flightles Rail, Wallace’s Owlet-Nightjar, Doria's Hawk)

Papua New Guinea - 5th – 26th August 2010 , author Jon Hornbuckle (added November 17, 2010)
(Black and Buff-tailed Sicklebills, New Guinea Flightless Rail, Starry Owlet-Nightjar, New Guinea Eagle, Southern Crowned-Pigeon, Crested Satinbird)

Papua New Guinea, 3rd to 26th July 2007, author Andy Roadhouse (added November 11, 2007)

Papua New Guinea - September 5th - 29th 2009, author Phil Gregory (added November 10, 2009)
(Birds of paradise, satinbirds, berrypeckers, Kiunga, Bensbach, Varirata, Tabubil)

Papua New Guinea - Central Highlands, Varirata and Brown River - 5th - 19th April 2012, author Colin Reid (added May 9, 2012)
(Tari, Varirata, Brown River, Central Highlands,Blue Bird of Paradise, King of Saxony Bird of Paradise, Forest Bittern, Astrapia, )

Papua New Guinea, 8-19 June, 2009, author Dominic Chaplin (added May 11, 2010)
(Mt Hagen, Kumul Lodge, Kama Village, Brown River, Blue Bird of Paradise)

Papua New Guinea Jul-Aug 2010, author Rockjumper Birding Tours (link created March 9, 2011)

Papua New Guinea Aug 2010, author Rockjumper Birding Tours (link created March 9, 2011)

Papua New Guinea July 2010, author Rockjumper Birding Tours (link created March 9, 2011)

Papua New Guinea March 7-25 2004, author Phil Gregory (added March 16, 2007)
(D'Entrecasteaux, Normanby Is., Huon, Adelbert Mts., Goldie's Bird-of-Paradise, Curl-crested Manucode, Huon Astrapia)

West New Britain, Papua New Guinea, April 2011, author Dominic Chaplin (added July 9, 2011)
(New Britain, Papua New Guinea, Eclectus Parrot, Melanesian Scrubfowl)

Papua New Guinea: 28 May - 15 June 2013, author Catherine McFadden (added July 22, 2013)
(Varirata, Tabubil, Kwatu, Kumul, Ambua, New Guinea Flightless Rail, Black Sicklebill, 20 BoP species)

Papua New Guinea - Highlights - June 23rd - July 9th 2014, author Phil Gregory (added July 15, 2014)
(Varirata, Kiunga, Tabubil, Ambua, Kumul Lodge, Rondon Ridge)

Papua New Guinea - June 26 - July 18 2011, author Phil Gregory (added January 11, 2012)

Papua New Guinea - 2011, author Phil Gregory (added January 11, 2012)

West Papua 31st of July – 27th of August 2007, author Daniel Bengtsson (added February 26, 2008)

West Papua incl. Fakfak Peninsula - July - September 2008, author Frank Rheindt (added February 23, 2009)
((also including additional days in Java and Cameron Highlands))

Papua New Guinea and New Britain (plus Singapore and Malaysia) - 28th August to 24th September 2005, author Ian Merrill (added December 6, 2005)
(Betelnut Grins and Paradise Birds)

West Papua and Bali - October - November 2012, author Niels Poul Dreyer (link created December 5, 2012)
(Arfak mountains, nearby lowlands on the Vogelkop peninsula, Raja Ampat Archipeligo (Waigeo Island), Pulauwai Island, Kri Island.)

Papua New Guinea: 28th July to 18th Ausgust 2008, author Jon Hornbuckle (added December 17, 2008)
(Papuan Harpy-Eagle, Meyer's and Doria's Hawks, Mountain Owlet-Nightjar, Shovel-billed Kingfisher, Papuan Whipbird, all 3 jewel-babblers)

Papua New Guinea: Huon Peninsula, Manus & Normanby Islands - 15th to 28th July 2008, author Jon Hornbuckle (added December 17, 2008)
(Superb Pitta, Manus Boobook, Curl-crested Manucode, Huon Astrapia, Wahnes' Parotia, Goldie's and Emperor Bird-of-paradise)

Papua New Guinea July - August 2006, author Jon Hornbuckle (added December 14, 2007)
(Keki Lodge, Shovel-billed Kingfisher, Flame-crested Bowerbird, Papuan Whipbird)

Papua New Guinea - 21st June - 9th July 2009, author Ashley Banwell (added August 8, 2009)
(Spangled Owlet-Nightjar, Marbled Frogmouth, New Guinea Harpy Eagle, Sanfords Bowerdbird)

Papua New Guinea, New Britain - July 10-14 2018, author Phil Gregory (added August 7, 2018)
(Walindi, Golden Masked Owl, New Britain Pitta, Sclater's Myzomela)

Papua New Guinea - 23rd July - 11th August 2012, author Phil Gregory (added August 26, 2012)
(Forest Bittern, Astrapia, NG Flightless Rail, Pesquet's Parrot, )

Papua New Guinea June-July 2007 with Tropical Birding, author Sam Woods/Tropical Birding (added August 13, 2007)

Papua New Guinea - Highlands Highlights - April 15-24 2014, author Phil Gregory (added April 27, 2014)
(endemic, Bird-of-Paradise, Ambua, Rondon, Kumul, Ploughbill, Ifrita)

New Britain - 3rd August – 9th August 2009, author Arjan Dwarshuis (added April 14, 2010)
(How to bird The Kimbe Area: Beck's Petrel, Heinrott's Shearwater, endemics and small island specials)

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