Trip Reports & Sightings

Posted by Scott Olmstead

Mexico: Monarch butterlies and birding (December 2016 - January 2017), author Scott Olmstead (added May 13, 2017)
(Cerro Pelón, Macheros, Bumblebee Hummingbird, Red Warbler, Black-backed Oriole)

Panama - 14th - 22nd April 2007 - Canal Zone, Chiriquí, & Bocas, author Scott Olmstead (added June 5, 2007)
(Metropolitan Park, Chiriqui, El Respingo, Bocas del Toro, Pipeline Road)

Costa Rica: Bosque del Tolomuco - July 2016, author Scott Olmstead (added July 11, 2019)
(middle elevations, cloud forest, Pacific, Snowy-bellied Hummingbird, Rough-legged Tyrannulet, Black-and-white Becard)

Playa de Oro - Remote Northwest Ecuador - November 2008, author Scott Olmstead (added December 30, 2008)
(Playa de Oro, Esmeraldas, Sapayoa, Choco, Baudo Guan, Five-colored Barbet, Berlepsch's Tinamou, Tawny-faced Quail, Golden-chested Tanager)

Cristalino Jungle Lodge, Mato Grosso, Brazil: May 23rd - July 28th 2006, author Scott Olmstead (added December 17, 2009)
(Cristalino, Alta Floresta, Fiery-tailed Awlbill, Rusty-breasted Nunlet, Crested Eagle)

Ecuador: The Orange-throated Tanager, March 08, author Scott Olmstead (added April 8, 2008)
(Shaime, Yankuam, Nangaritza, Orange-throated Tanager, Oilbird, Blackish Pewee)

Ecuador: The Orange-throated Tanager, Mar. 08, author Scott Olmstead (link created April 4, 2008)
(Orange-throated Tanager, Oilbird, Zimmer's Antbird, Blackish Pewee)