Trip Reports & Sightings

Posted by David Marshall

Nepal - 23rd December 2011 – 6th January 2012, author David Marshall (added March 6, 2012)

Oman - 7th - 23rd October 2017, author David Marshall (added March 3, 2018)

Morocco - South-eastern Desert Region - April 3rd - April 17th 2012, author David Marshall (added June 12, 2012)
(The purpose of this trip was to focus on 10 desert specialities.)

Southern Cyprus - May 21st to June 1st 2011, author David Marshall (added July 20, 2011)
(The prime reason for the trip was to see the two endemic breeding species, Cyprus Warbler and Cyprus Wheatear, and two late arriving migrants, Eleonora’s Falcon and Black-headed Bunting)

Oman - 13th Feb – 7th Mar 2011, author David Marshall (added July 20, 2011)
(Taking the advice of several people, we decided to organise the trip ourselves. We had three weeks fantastic birding at a very reasonable price. )

Southern Morocco - January 25th – February 8th 2010, author David Marshall (added February 18, 2010)

North Goa and Karnataka, India - 4 – 18 January 2015, author David Marshall (added February 14, 2015)
(Goa is an exceptionally easy place for the independent birder to visit due to the ready supply of inexpensive hotels and restaurants and of unique birdwatching taxi guides)