Trip Reports & Sightings

Posted by Steve Arlow

Peru, Galapagos and Ecuadorian Amazon and highlands - 17th August - 8th September 2007, author Steve Arlow (added November 26, 2007)
(with many stunning photos)

California – Central Coast 10th – 17th March 2007, author Steve Arlow (added March 31, 2007)
(Varied Thrush, Yellow-billed Magpie, Nuttall's Woodpecker)

Eastern China - 6th – 23rd May 2005, author Steve Arlow (added June 30, 2005)
(Beidaihe, Happy Island, Majic Wood, Old Peak and Beijing)

Ohio and Michigan 10th-21st May 2011, author Steve Arlow (added June 21, 2011)
(Magee Marsh, Crane Creek, Kirtland's Warbler)

New Zealand - 9th November to 4th December 2006, author Steve Arlow (added January 20, 2007)

Australia - East Coast - 9th – 29th November 2008, author Steve Arlow (added January 10, 2009)
(stunning images of Australia's best birds)

Peru: The Central Andes - 9th - 22nd June 2007, author Steve Arlow (added August 29, 2007)
(After reviewing various trip reports and field guides it seemed that Peru would be the ideal choice in terms of species per budget ratio.)

Uganda: A Birding Safari - June 2005, author Steve Arlow (added August 13, 2005)