Trip Reports & Sightings

Posted by Guy Kirwan

Serra dos Carajás, Pará, Brazil - September 2009, author Guy Kirwan (added October 6, 2009)
(Black-chested Tyrant, Harpy Eagle, Guianan Red Cotinga)

Muyuna Lodge, dpto. Loreto, Peru: Wattled Curassow and more…, author Guy Kirwan (added October 4, 2008)

Northern & central Peru September-November 2008, author Guy Kirwan (link created June 7, 2009)
(Over 1000 species including many endemics + 50 photos)

Northern and Central Peru - September - November 2008, author Guy Kirwan (added June 12, 2009)
(Wattled Curassow, White-bellied Dacnis and over 1,000 species)

Central Brazilian Amazonia, 6–23 December 2007, author Guy Kirwan (added July 27, 2008)
(Tupana Lodge, Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge, Presidente Figueiredo)

Brazil, 28 October–27 November 2006: to photograph 600 species of birds in a month, author Guy Kirwan (added July 21, 2008)
(SE Brazil, Pantanal, Alta Floresta and Rondônia)

Cuba in a week, March 30–April 6, 2008, author Guy Kirwan (added July 20, 2008)
(all the endemics in a week)

Notes on birding Junglaven, Venezuela, author Guy Kirwan (added January 18, 2007)
(Junglaven, Amazonas)

Central Brazil - Caseara and Araguacema, Tocantins,, author Guy Kirwan (added February 5, 2009)
(Araguaia Valley endemics)