Puerto Rico is a Caribbean island and unincorporated U.S. territory with a landscape of mountains, waterfalls and the El Yunque tropical rainforest. To date more than 350 bird species have been recorded in Puerto Rico, including 17 endemics, more than 150 nesting birds, migratory species and Caribbean specialties. What enables Puerto Rico to support these numbers of species is its natural diversity: rain forests, dry forests, mountains, mangroves, wetlands, grasslands and of course, the coast.

With an excellent road system providing convenient access to its many forest reserves, Puerto Rico offers some of the easiest and most enjoyable birdwatching in the Caribbean. The coastal areas around Cabo Rojo hold the endemic and scarce Yellow-shouldered Blackbird as well as migrant shorebirds. Many of Puerto Rico’s endemics are to be found in the Guanica Dry Forest, including the attractive Adelaide’s Warbler as well as the non-endemic Caribbean Elaenia. In the evening search for the local Puerto Rican Nightjar and Puerto Rican Screech-Owl. Wetland areas around the Southwest corner hold West Indian Whistling-Duck and Masked Duck, and exotics such as Venezuelan Troupial and Orange Bishops.

Yellow-shouldered Blackbird

Yellow-shouldered Blackbird © Ian Merrill

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Puerto Rico, August 10th to 18th, 2018, author Charles Spagnoli (added September 3, 2018)
(Puerto Rican Parrot, Elfin-woods Warbler, etc.)

Puerto Rico and Dominica, 24th March - 8th April 2006, author Jonathan Newman (added May 7, 2006)
(Puerto Rico, Dominica, Imperial Amazon, Puerto Rican Amazon, West Indian Whistling-Duck)

Puerto Rico - April 26th - May 5th, 2012, author John Thomton (added July 8, 2012)
(Vieques, El Yunque, Maricao, Guanica, Elfin-Woods Warbler, Puerto Rican Nightjar)

Puerto Rico Endemics January 09, author Olaf Soltau (link created July 16, 2010)

Puerto Rico - 28th April - 2nd May 2010, author Frank Rheindt (added July 13, 2011)
(Sightings of all the Puerto Rican endemics, including the rarely-seen Puerto Rican Amazon)

Puerto Rico (plus St Kitts and St Lucia) - December 2019, author Mike Hunter (link created January 29, 2020)
(With a number of endemic birds, Puerto Rico is a fabulous birding destination with good birding sites, forest, lakes, mangrove and lowland scrub)

Puerto Rico - 14-23 January 2008, author Ryan Douglas (added January 26, 2008)
(Guanica, Laguna Cartegena, Puerto Rican Nightjar, Puerto Rican Tody)

Puerto Rico - January - February 2012, author Martin Reid (added February 14, 2012)
(Maravilla - new lodgings for Maricao, Parguera, Guanica, Cartagena, Humacao, NE corner, Quebradillas, Mayaguez)

Puerto Rico, 24-28 February 2006, author Michael J. Andersen (added December 17, 2006)
(Bosque Estatal de Guánica, La Parguera, Bosque Estatal de Maricao, Quebradillas, Punta Algarrobo, Bosque Estatal de Susúa, Laguna Cartegena, Cabo Rojo, Humacao Wildlife Refuge, Las Croabas, Ensenada Comezon – Punta Picua, West Indian Whistling Duck, M)

Puerto Rico: 23rd to 30th January 2016, author Ian Merrill (added April 23, 2016)
(Update on how to see all the endemics, including the much-wanted Puerto Rican Parrot)

Puerto Rico and Vieques Island - 3rd - 10th April 2013, author Steve Johnson (added April 23, 2013)
(Vieques, Guanica, El Yunque, Maricao)

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