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Date Added: April 13, 2005

Posted by: Negussie Toye

Location: Sokora Jedie, Ethiopia

Directions: Dear Subject: Recent Sightings for Prince R.Turaco It was on March 31, 2005, at 3.00 pm, that I ( while I was leading two American birders, Daan & Noel ) have seen two Prince R. Turaco,the rare endemic species to Ethiopia-which is localized to Borena Region, SE at Sokora Jedie forest feeding on a fruit of Cordia africana tree, between Kibra Mengist and Negelle, exactly 45 km after Kibre Mengist or 78 km before the town of Neglle. Therefore, as we have already registered the actual location with GPS I will let you know the mathimatical location with in a few days. With best wishes for birdwatchers, Negussie Toye Ornithologist Tour Guide,and Managing Director @ Nurgi Birdwatching Holidays

Sightings: *2 Prince R. Turaco *Different forest birds like Narina's Trogon and Black headed Forest Oriole