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Sighting Details

Date Added: November 18, 2005

Posted by: Don Margeson

Location: Mangrove Bay Golf Course, St. Petersburg, Florida

Directions: From Interstate 275 exit 54th Ave east to 1st St. Turn left, go north to 62nd Ave. N turn right, head east 1/4 mile to entrance on left.

Sightings: My Wife and I have seen this raptor 5 times in the past month, but until this past sunday 11/13/05 were unable to get an identifiable pic. It haz been verified by the ornithologist who keeps the state records. The first sighting was witnessed from our 4th floor deck near dusk the Harris's was harassing the last couple of Fish Crows in a flock of around 25. Next two sightings the bird was flying east over our house toward the golf course in one case chased by a juvenile male Coopers' Hawk ( who's a daily visitor to our backyard), next sighting same details only chased off by an adult Red-shouldered Hawk ( part of a local nesting pair ). This past sunday we were heading out on a warbler walk when the bird flew 15-20 feet over our heads, headed east over the golf course again. Since then I saw it thursday morning 11/17 flying low through my backyard headed west.