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Date Added: April 1, 2006

Posted by: Robby Lambert

Location: sorry not birdy, but the herps are on!

Sightings: not birds but just as cool! in a short period from 720-745 i drove the road thru the highlands in topsham, formaly a great place to grow up and learn about nature, now a heap of houses tar and 18 hole golf course, and rescued several frogs and salamanders. (4) spotted salamanders (3f-1m) the spotties were pretty small only 6in in length, i hope the big ones are still around, (14) wood frogs (7 gravid f) & (7m), and (3) spring peepers. the couple charges of rain and 48 degree evening was all it took to spark this small migration. drive careful and use clean hands or gloves if you do get and move any of the herps in your area. aside from herps the killdeer are going bonkers tonight! robby