Recent Sighting From Caribbean/Bermuda

Sighting Details

Date Added: May 30, 2006

Posted by: Paul Watson

Location: Coopers Point Nature Reserve

Directions: Coopers Point seawatch site, (is one of 2 easterly headlands)Coopers Point is the eastern edge of the Nature reserve, and is a bottleneck for pelagic birds in SE or E winds as they are pushed into the S shore of the island whilst migrating N. Access is currently restricted as the Nature reserve is still being proposed, and worked on. Acess can be obtained via local birders.

Sightings: Juvenile South Polar Skua, seen from seawatch site. Shearwaters passing at the rate of approximately 100 per hour, 4 sp noted, Manx, Greater, Sooty, and Corys. Small numbers of Arctic tern. Long tailed Jaeger (Adult) Leach's storm petrel. Osprey. Black bellied plover and 1 whimbrel.