Recent Sighting From Central America/Costa Rica

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Date Added: June 22, 2008

Posted by: randall ortega chaves

Location: tapanti national park cartago province

Directions: The nest it is located on a Burio Tree nearly 600 meters away from the main entrance of the park. The nest about 12 meteres for the ground in the middle of the trail. Ask more details on the headquarters.

Sightings: Tapanti National Park on June 3 with the companionship of kathy and george Rohe for US, MD. While birding nearly 600 meters away from the main entrance of the park, i notice a glimpse of something yellowish flying closer to us. The observation took place because i tent to check everything that seems to be a bird even if it is a leaf falling , anyways the comment was to mention that i saw it with the corner of my eye, as i was starting to walk away. I turn back and check and to my surprise was a Sharpbill; although i had seen this bird before it was the first time i have been able to show to a client ( i am a bird guide ); for a second the bird disapear and i was sad because they had never seen it. But i stay for a second longer and my heart started pumping faster and my mind was having a trip, when i look thru the leaves and found some "nesting" material, it could been moss and lichen but to our luck it was not.It was the very first nest found of this specie in Central America and the second ever found in the neotropics. ( the first was found in Brazil many years ago ); but it was never study as this one is right now in Costa Rica, graduted ornithologist from the University of Costa Rica, lead by Julio Sanchez a respecful ornithologist.