Recent Sighting From North America/USA/West Virginia

Sighting Details

Date Added: July 5, 2009

Posted by: Susanne Coulson

Location: Valley Falls State Park, WV

Sightings: 2 Yellow-billed Cuckoos-one carrying food back into the woods. This is the first of this bird that I have seen alive. I didn't look for the nest-lots of people at the park (July 4th). The birds were in the picnic area late afternoon-around 5:30- and true to there nickname (rain crow) it was overcast and threatening to rain. Also noted: 2 red-eyed vireos 1 warbling vireo 2 mockers 1 catbird 1 swainson's thrush 2 cardinals several robins 2 barn swallows 8-10 rough winged swallows 3 cedar waxwings 1 m scarlet tanager 5 crows-2 juveniles begging lots of chipping sparrows 1 m goldfinch