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Date Added: November 19, 2012

Posted by: Jarol Fernando Vaca

Location: Shiripuno Lodge

Directions: Shiripuno Lodge is located in the Yasuni Biosphere Reserve, it is the largest track of forest in the Western Amazon, it lodges a amazing number of species of animals and plants. A 30 minutes fly from Quito to Coca, then drive along the Auca Raod for 90 Km south of the Napo River. Take a motorized canoe for 4 hours downstream to reach Shiripuno Lodge, it has 30 km of trails all of them close from the lodge. It has solar energy to charge batteries and such

Sightings: Fiery-tailed Awbill (Avocettula recurvirostris) Yellow-throated Flycatcher (Conopias parvus) White-chinned Woodcreeper (Dendrocincla merula) Salvin's Curassaw (Mitu salvini) Nocturnal Curassaw (Nothocrax urumutum)