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Date Added: June 2, 2015

Posted by: Eric Cole

Location: Carden Alvar

Sightings: A singing male Kirkland's Warbler capped an interesting morning at Carden along Wylie Rd. Besides the usual suspects-Sedge Wrens,Bobolinks, Bluebirds,Vesper Sparrow, Meadowlarks etc, good views of Upland Sandpipers, a mother Snipe guiding 3 chicks across the road, a Kestrel flying by with a snake in its talons,a pair of Goshawks upsetting everyone flying low over a field, a female or juvenile Black bear we almost bumped into along the sedge wren trail(he bolted fast so has obviously listened to the news), the Kirkland's was in the bush behind where you enter that trail. No Cranes or Golden Winged, though Bob spotted a Shrike when we arrived. Eric Cole, Bob Johnson, Nigel Parr