Seychelles is world-renowned for its idyllic tropical beaches and, among birders, for its endemics and its seabird colonies. Seychelles comprises over 115 islands scattered across 1,374,000 km2 of the western Indian Ocean. Once sandwiched between Africa and India as part of Gondwanaland, Seychelles split off from Africa some 127 million years ago and from India about 65 million years ago. The 40 central islands are granitic ­ not only are they the only granitic oceanic islands in the world; at 750 million years old, they are also the oldest islands in the world.

Mahé Island is the largest island in the group and contains the capital city, Victoria. The mudflats in the northern harbour area adjacent to Victoria are good for Crab-plover, Pacific Golden Plover and a diversity of other waders. Seychelles Kestrels and Seychelles Swiftlets can regularly be seen flying above the town, and a trip to the nearby botanical gardens should ensure Seychelles Blue Pigeon, Seychelles Bulbul and Seychelles Sunbird.

Cousin Island is managed by Nature Seychelles (formerly BirdLife Seychelles) and is accessed by small boat from Praslin. The three key birds here are Seychelles Magpie-Robin, Seychelles Warbler and Seychelles Fody. Aride is the best seabird island, and home to five endemic landbirds. It is also accessible by boat from Praslin. It is home to 10 breeding seabird species, including the world’s largest colony of Lesser Noddies. La Digue is the only island where the spectacular Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher can be seen. (Text courtesy African Bird Club)

Seychelles Warbler

Seychelles Warbler, copyright Brian R Field

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