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Near Jask city, Hormozgan province , On 13 February 2011 in the morning, during a trip author Ali Alieslam (added December 6, 2014)

Kiryat Ono field, Common Sonechat - 8 European Goldfinch - author iddo epstein (added January 31, 2009)

Trip from Erbil, Kurdistan, Northern Iraq, through Salahadeen and Shaklawa to Bekhal Waterfall., Siberian Thrush. Is this the first reported from author Dr Alan Galbraith (added June 19, 2006)

Kurdistan, Northern Iraq near Shaqlawa, Siberian Thrush - Is this a first for this author Dr Alan Galbraith (added June 18, 2006)

Lake Qaraaoun,Bekaa, Lebanon, Date: 30 November 2005 2 Finsch's Wheatear (on author Richard Prior (added December 1, 2005)