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Kaukauna , Sighted female Harlequin duck along with a white author Kevin Reichenbach (added December 23, 2016)

160th Colebrook Road Surrey British Columbia, 1 Siberian author John Gordon (added January 22, 2016)

Yunginger Farm, Great Kiskadee - this bird has been present at author KC Jensen (added December 11, 2015)

Carden Alvar, A singing male Kirkland's Warbler capped an author Eric Cole (added June 2, 2015)

sandia crest new mexico, gray-crowned rosy finch brown-capped rosy author Michael Pawlick (added February 10, 2015)

Floyd Lamb, Several Common Mergansers (male and female) and a author Donna Thompson (added February 3, 2015)

Floyd Lamb Park, Observed 4 Evening Grosbeaks near horse shoe pits author Donna Thompson (added February 1, 2015)

Floyd Lamb Park, 2 make Wood Ducks still in ponds. Still plenty of author Donna Thompson (added February 1, 2015)

BBWP Forest Hills -Yes and Redheads Somerville No, After a couple of unsuccessful attempts, we author Quinn and Adrian (added January 18, 2015)

Sandusky, OH, 2 Bald author Ben W (added January 2, 2015)

Ferry Terminal, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, 1 snowy author Carolyn Aita (added December 20, 2014)

Ferry terminal, Milwaukee, Wisconsin harbor, snowy author Carolyn Aita (added December 19, 2014)

Austin - Backyard, Titmouse Black-Capped Chickadee Lesser author Damon Andrews (added September 6, 2014)

Yazoo National Wildlife Refuge, 2 Black Bellied Whistling Ducks 2 Dickscissel 8 author Ben Woodard (added June 19, 2014)

Jensen Marsh- Madison County, 1 White Faced Ibis, at the west end of the author Sharon Bauer (added May 4, 2014)

Gorda Banks, off Baja Cape, Mexico, After much debate and correspondence, a author Naturetrek (added April 10, 2014)

Snowy Owl I-94 - Update, Owl was caught tonight; has broken right author Lorri W (added December 12, 2013)

River Park North, Greenville, NC, Barred Owl, Hermit Thursh, Winter Wren, Yellow author Phil Cumming (added November 15, 2013)

se of gibbon,ne, Sandhill crane with a white bib and a Sandhill author marcy fedde (added April 14, 2013)

south of 10-12 miles, Leucistic Sandhill author marcy fedde (added March 5, 2013)

south alda ne, Two days before the last snow storm .. we saw a author marcy fedde (added March 5, 2013)

Santa Cruz Flats, Arizona, At 3:30 PM, Sun, 2/16/13, notices a farmer author Pudge Johnson (added February 17, 2013)

Gilbert Water Ranch, 1 Common author Allan Dupilka (added January 19, 2013)

Shelburne, Northern Lapwing, my father sighted this bird and author Ralph Swansburg (added November 29, 2012)

Lake Park, Milwaukee, Made it to the park yesterday after the storm author Clinton Warren (added August 27, 2012)