With a list of 660 or so species including a good number of endemics and near endemics, birds with wonderfully evocative names such as Bulo Burti Bush-Shrike and Warsangli Linnet and an incredible selection of at least 24 lark species, this could be a birdwatcher's paradise. Sadly, the long-running political instability puts the country off limits to most birders at the present time.

The whole country lies within the Somali-Masai biome and 99 of the 129 species restricted to this biome are found in Somalia. The East African coast biome just extends into the southern parts of Somalia and 13 of its 38 species have been recorded. There are a number of significant concentrations of waterbirds including breeding populations of terns. (Text courtesy African Bird Club)

Arabian Bustard

Arabian Bustard, copyright Nick Bray

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Somaliland, 16-26 June 2012, author Charles Davies (added July 4, 2012)
(Warsangli Linnet, Archer's Buzzard, Somali Grosbeak, Somali Long-billed Lark, Somali Pigeon)

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