There is plenty to attract the keen birdwatcher to Sudan were it not for major concerns over safety. One can only hope that the situation improves sufficiently to allow greater travel in this country. Sudan is not a country where you will see the huge range of species on offer in East Africa but the Nile which flows through the capital Khartoum is a major migration corridor and birdwatching in this area will provide a good range of species and some surprises.

Most visitors to Sudan will either stay in Khartoum or pass through the city and they should take the opportunity to see something of the variety of bird life that occurs there. The presence of the Nile makes the area a haven for birds. The number of resident species is limited but includes Black Scrub-Robin and White-headed Babbler in wooded areas, while Green-backed Heron and Egyptian Plover occur along the Nile. The main interest of the area lies in the wide range of Palearctic migrants passing through or remaining in the area, and the intra-African migrants that follow the rains north from about April. (Text courtesy African Bird Club)

Egyptian plover

Egyptian Plover, copyright Paul Cools

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