Syria is perhaps best described as "an ornithological black-hole" with many species of birds but very little known about them. Situated south of Turkey on the eastern edge of the Mediterranean, the combination of coastal mountains, the Euphrates valley and the Syrian desert provide countless opportunities for undiscovered birding treasures. Recent improved access to the country means that birders will surely soon discover Kruper's Nuthatch or Brown Fish Owl, just as a small group of Syrian conservationists discovered in 2002 a small colony of Northern Bald Ibis. Other Syrian specialities include the recently recorded range expansion of Iraq Babblers, White-tailed Plover, Blue-cheeked Bee-eater and Yellow-throated Sparrow. For more information read Pioneering birding - Syria by David Murdoch, Alula 3/2005

White-tailed Plover

White-tailed Plover © Jon Hall

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Syria, April 2004, author Surfbirds Admin (added September 10, 2004)

Syria - April 20th - 24th 2005, author Peter Kaestner (added June 3, 2006)
(Syria is clearly one of the premier birding destinations in the Western Palearctic - I saw 15 lifers, including my 8000th species)

Near East including Syria Jan-Feb 2009, author Peter Alfrey (added February 16, 2009)
(Turkey, Syria)

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