The Republic of Yemen is very rich in bird life. If one includes the island of Socotra over 360 species have been recorded. Among these are seventeen species (thirteen on the mainland and four on Socotra) which are found nowhere else in the world except in some cases neighbouring areas of south west Arabia. For these so-called "endemics" Yemen has a special responsibility and because of them, ranks as one of the most important countries in the Middle East for bird conservation.

Nubian Nightjar

Nubian Nightjar, Yemen © Janos Olah

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Socotra, Yemen - January 1st - 4th 2014, author Phil Gregory (added September 5, 2014)

Yemen - 28 August - 1 September 2008, author Graham Talbot (added November 12, 2008)
(with images of Arabian Accentor, Yemen Thrush, Little Rock-thrush and others)

Yemen, including Socotra Jan 13 - 25, 2007, author Jon Hornbuckle (added June 2, 2007)

Socotra and the Sana’a area of mainland Yemen - 12th - 20th October 2007, author Nick Moran (added January 9, 2008)
(All Socotra endemics, Philby's Partridge, Arabian Woodpecker, Yemen Thrush, Arabian Accentor)

Yemen - October - November 1992, author John van der Woude (link created January 25, 2011)

Socotra, Yemen - January 1st - 4th 2014, author Phil Gregory (added February 8, 2014)

Yemen - April - May 2007, author Govind Kumar (added April 7, 2011)
(Eleven Arabian endemics, Arabian Golden-winged Grosbeak, Nubian Nightjar )

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