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Cover Photo: Baltimore Orioles love oranges! Ohio, Magee Marsh May 2010 from the Surfbirds galleries © Glyn Sellors

Thank you so much!! You guys are awesome! You responded to my weekend email in ONE day. And I now have Goldfinches back in my yard - feeding on Nyjer thistle! (In the past, I was just putting out the black oil sunflower seeds.) It took a couple of weeks for them to find it... but now that they have, it's been great! Thanks again!

Jodi Decker

Bird Feeding Advice

Expert advice for bird-feeding, feeders and backyard bird identification. With patience, you can discover a whole world of beautiful backyard birds close to your windows.

How to Attract Birds to your Backyard. An overview of everything you need to get started from bird feeding, water for birds, nestboxes and cover.

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Once birds start showing up, you will need help putting names to birds. Our guide will show you pictures of the 100 most common backyard birds.

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