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Brian Fletcher

Australian/British 1200+
Ornithoptera alexandria, goliath and paradisea in PNG, O. chimaera and O. tithonus in West Papua (Aug. 2010) O. croesus in Halmahera, O. richmondia and O. priamus in Australia, Trogonoptera brookiana in Malaysia, Troides aeacus in Taiwan, T. helena in the Philippines, several Morpho's in Central/S. America, the latest being M. achilles, M. deidamia, M. helenor and M. melaneus in Manu N.P. Peru June 05 and M.pleides, M. cypris and M. alba in Costa Rica and Panama, Oct/Nov. 07 ; Atrophaneura antenor and Papilio mangoura in Madagascar and P. manlius in Mauritius, plus Swallowtail, Purple Emperor, Black Hairstreak and Lulworth Skipper in UK. Corsican Swallowtail, Two-tailed Pasha, Cardinal Fritillary, Southern Comma, Corsican Heath, Corsican Grayling June 2013. Papilio montrouzieri and Graphium gelon, New Caledonian Nov 2013. (Lots more seen but not identified at species level)


Robert Godden

UK 767
Spending lockdown uncovering new species in photos from past trips. 29/01/2021


Andrew Spencer

Colorado, USA 670
US list plus at least 177 from Costa Rica. Number 500 was Glaucous Cracker (Hamadryas glauconome), number 600 was Carolina Roadside-Skipper


Nicholas Block

MA, USA 472
USA plus 69 others from the Monterrey area in Mexico and a few I identified on previous birding trips to Mexico.
400 was MacNeill's Sootywing in Overton, NV - 6/13/04


Jenny Norman

South African 452
over 350 in South Africa - Barkley's Copper, Escourt Blue, Highveld Blue, Heidelberg Copper, Flame-bordered Charaxes, Safron Sapphire (over 300 photographed)


Simon Plat

Dutch 389
Nearly all in the Western Palearctic


Chris Holtby

British 338
2022 16 added in Bulgaria 2020 Nettle-tree Butterfly Pyrenees, Spain 2016-2019 Trips to Mexico, Ecuador, HK, Australia, Caribbean & Montenegro; Regal Greatstreak, Dark Kite-Swallowtail, Common Punchinello, Mangrove Tiger, Lime and many others in Malaysia; Silver-spotted Skipper in UK; South Africa and Ecuador added 64 species


Andrew Block

USA-NY 317
Latest: Edward's Hairstreak (upd. 7/18/20)


Jeff Pavlik

USA - Michigan 278
+6 Puerto Rico March 11 - 14, 2014 endemic Choranthus borincona and Calisto nubila


Dave Horton

British 274
Two-tailed Pasha


Nathan Moorhatch

USA 254
Blue Moon in Fiji was beautiful, Puerto Rico 7/15: Malachite, Florida Purplewing, Puerto Rican Ringlet....10/06/16: Sandhill Skipper, NV


Mario Renden

Dutch 239
update: 28 april 2008


P. D. Hulce

USA 200+
Falcate Skipper, Gold-spotted Aguna, Double-dotted Skipper, Gray Cracker, Mercurial Skipper


yvon princen

belgian 169
mostly belgian and ghana species


Paul Hudson

USA 114
86 in the US; the rest scattered but I usually don't have a good book for other countries


Goran Frisk

Swedish 103
All in Sweden


Susan Myers

Australian 100+
Over 100 species photographed in South East Asia - recently added Banded Yeoman, Blue Pansy, Common Duffer, Fluffy Tit, Peacock Pansy, White Dragontail and Yellow Coster in Vietnam



MD 62
us only
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