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Bruce Barrett

Canadian / British 924
Piratic Flycatcher, Black-faced Grassquit, Baikal Teal, Marsh Sandpiper, Eursian Hobby, European Golden-Plover


Monte Taylor

USA 923
Bahama Woodstar (


Mark D. Cudney

USA 919
Headed for Alaska this fall for the 35th time


Ebbe Banstorp

USA 883


David Narins

US 864


Dave DeReamus

USA (PA) 851
As of 1/7/2022. 805 Species for ABA Continental List.


William Rydell

USA 843
White-faced Storm Petrel; Western Reef Heron


Sandy Komito

American 840
Spoonbill Sandpiper, Broad-billed Sandpiper, Stejneger's Petrel, Red-tailed Tropicbird


Chris Feeney

U.S.A.-Georgia 831
Antillean Palm Swift, Pallas's Grasshopper Warbler, Dusky Warbler


Stephen F. Bailey

USA, living in Italy 820
2018: Add 68 species from Hawaiian Islands to expanded ABA Area.


Bruce Mack

USA (SC) 819
2019 Antillean Palm Swift


Gavin Bieber

Canadian 815
2013: Common Crane,Curlew Sandpiper,Murphey's Petrel,Hawaiian Petrel,Thick-billed Vireo,Black Noddy,Black-faced Grassquit,Purple Swamphen,White-tailed Eagle,Scaly-breasted Munia,Pacific Swift. 2014: Egyptian Goose, LaSagra's Flycatcher, Common Cuckoo, Gray Wagtail, Ridgeway's Rail, Crested Myna. 2015: Common Scoter, Siberian Chiffchaff, Northern House Martin, Connecticut Warbler, Kirtland's Warbler. 2016: Redwing, Cuban Vireo, Pine Flycatcher


Jim Holmes, Jr.

USA (Calif) 814
Highlights: Common Scoter, Bulwer's Petrel, California Condor (pre-captivity), Crane Hawk, Collard Forest Falcon (heard only), Pintail Snipe, Little Curlew, Greater Sandplover, Belcher's Gull, Whiskered Tern, Pine Flycatcher, Social Flycatcher, Sinaloa Wren, Citrine Wagtail, and Yellow-throated Bunting. 2016 update: Slate-throated Redstart and Pine Flycatcher in Arizona, Himalayan Snowcock in Nevada and Rosy-faced Lovebird in Arizona


Karl Stecher

USA 809
all the warblers (Bachman's 1954);Cal condor (1972);collared plover; pintail snipe; piratic flyc;oriental cuckoo


Mike Austin

Spoonbill Sandpiper, Stonechat, Jabiru


Garett Hodne

USA (Texas) 799
Amazon Kingfisher, Rufous-necked Wood Rail, White-tailed Eagle, Spotted Rail; updated 6/1/2021


Thor Manson

Canadian 797


Daphne Gemmill

USA 796
Clements 2018.


Don Roberson

USA (Calif) 792
most recent Common Crane & Yellow-browed Warbler in California (2020)


David Chaffin

USA 783
2Apr01 Yellow-faced Grassquit/Greater sandplover-not included in total awaiting ABA action


Keith Taylor

Canadian 782
For the complete list: http://www.bubo.org/listing/ View 'Birds of Vancouver Island' guide http://picasaweb.google.com/pat.mary.taylor Latest: Clapper Rail split, Sage Sparrow split:Drop Yellow-chevroned Parakeet. Hawaiian Petrel, Black-hooded Parakeet, Common Crane, Red-flanked Bluetail, Peach-faced Lovebird; Xantus' Murrelet split;Cook's & Murphy's Petrels, Whip-poor-will & Winter Wren splits, Sinaloa Wren, Buff-collared Nightjar (now seen), Common Myna, Least Storm-Petrel, Yellow-green Vireo, Baikal Teal, Red-billed Tropicbird, Bean Goose, Redwing: Goal of 750 attained. [Still require eight species to see all of the birds illustrated in the 1966 edition of The Golden Guide to Birds: Mottled Petrel, White-tailed Tropicbird, Black Noddy, Corn Crake, Spectacled Eider, Whiskered Auklet, Northern Lapwing, and Gray-headed Chickadee.


Craig Faanes

USA 778
AOU Splits always help!


Bob Morse

Greater Sandplover, Yellow-faced Grassquit - latest additions


Jennifer Rycenga

USA - California 772


Carlton Collier

USA 771
South Polar Skua, Buller’s Shearwater, Ashy Storm-Petrel, Scripps’s, Craveri’s, Guadalupe Murrelet, Scaly-breasted Munias, Spotted Dove and Jabiru


Lynn Barber

US 767
35 of these were added during my 2008 ABA big year (updated December 18, 2008)


Robert Tolles

USA 766
Feb 2022


Paul Lagasi

Canada 764
Roadside Hawk, Hook-billed Kite, Great Black Hawk, Manx Shearwater, McKay’s Bunting, Emperor Goose, Falcated Duck, Common Snpe, Whiskered Auklet, Laysan Albatross, Antillean Palm-swift, Yellow-chevroned Parakeet


Gordon Payne

Canadian 764
Yellow-browed Warbler (AK); Social Flycatcher (TX); Crescent-chested Warbler (AZ)


Wes Biggs

USA - Florida 764
Fea's Petrel off N.C. 30 May, 2006


Phil Davis

USA 763
Long-billed Murrelet at Adak, Alaska; Little Stint at Gambell, Alaska,


Michael T. Schwitters

USA (MT) 761
2005: Gray Bunting and Far Eastern Curlew in spring, outer Aleutians.


Donald Chalfant

USA-Michigan 760
Updated 7-11; Latest add: Mexican Whip-poor-will


Rick Waldrop

USA 759
Most recent: Zenaida Dove, Little Egret, Red-billed Tropicbird, Lesser Sand-Plover, Sagebrush Sparrow, Rose-faced Lovebird; Northern Lapwing and Pink-footed Goose in NJ in 2013. Flame-colored Tanager, Buff-collared Nightjar and Plain-capped Starthroat seen on May, 2005 trip to SE AZ, Fork-tailed Storm-Petrel in WA in May and Fork-tailed Flycatcher in October, 2005; Bicknell's Thrush in 2008; Greater Sand Plover in 2009.


Edge Wade

USA (MO) 756
Includes 1 heard only. Fan-tailed Warbler, Himalayan Snowcock, Black-tailed Gull, Fork-tailed Flycatcher; Crescent-chested Warbler, Fea's Petrel, Buff-collared Nightjar, Little Egret, Buller's Shearwater, Least Storm-Petrel, Common Myna (November 2008) . Swinhoe's Storm-Petrel, Sinaloa Wren not included--awaiting acceptance of records. Black Rail Updated 28 Jan 09


Charles H Gambill

USA 756
Yellow Grosbeak, Arizona


Kirk Zufelt

Canadian 755
NA birding on hold as I attempt to see all the world's seabirds-Tufted Flycatcher, Baikal Teal,Streak-backed Oriole, Graylag Goose,Red-billed Tropicbird,White-faced Storm Petrel,Orange-billed Nightingale Thrush, Cook's Petrel, Solitary Snipe,Red-flanked Bluetail, Siberian Rubythroat, Long-toed Stint-Attu/May10 Short-tailed Albatross, Mottled Petrel enroute to Attu, Taiga Bean Goose, Green Sandpiper, Hawfinch, Smew, Rustic Bunting. Eye-browed Thrush- Alaska 2009, Blue Mockingbird- AZ 2009, Bannanaquit- FL 2008, Green-breasted Mango- Georgia 2008, Wisconsin 2007, Black-tailed Gull - IA 2007,Redwing- NF 2007, Western Reef Heron,Fieldfare, White-winged Black Tern, Garganey


John Odgers

USA 755


Lori Conrad

United States 754
Common Crane; Amazon Kingfisher; Pine Flycatcher, the last 3. This is without Alaska!


Allen T. Chartier

USA - Michigan 750
Updated 2/28/2017


Jack Revare

USA (KS) 750
4-2010 La Sagra's Flycatcher ; 12-2010 Baikal Teal, Baird's Sparrow ; 2015 Black-faced Grassquit Honda Bahia Park, FL


Dave Klauber

USA 748
plus heard only Black Rail,Smew, Mottled Petrel, pelagic to Attu 2013,Short-tailed Albatrosses -8!, Kittlitz' Murrelet, Whiskered Auklet, Alaska May 2010 little birding last 2 years


Peter Landry

Canadian 748
Yellow Bittern (AK), White-tailed Eagle (AK), Common Greenshank (AK), Great Spotted Woodpecker (AK), Narcissus Flycatcher (AK), Yellow-throated Bunting (AK), Eurasian Bullfinch (AK), Hawfinch (AK), Eurasian Wryneck (AK). [Also see Quebec, Canada and Lower 48 Life Lists].


John Vooys

Canadian (BC) 747
2017: Pink-footed Goose (BC), Rosy-faced Lovebird (AZ), Swallow-tailed Gull (WA), 2018: Little Stint, (BC)


Peter Gilchrist

Canadian 743


Forrest Rowland

USA 742
Update Dec. 2012: California Gnatcatcher Update Sept. 2011: TUNDRA BEAN-GOOSE, Tufted Duck, Arctic Loon, Laysan Albatross, Lesser Sand-Plover, Common Ringed Plover, Common Greenshank, Gray-tailed Tattler, COMMON SANDPIPER, Bristle-thighed Curlew, BLACK-TAILED GODWIT, Bar-tailed Godwit, LITTLE STINT, TEMMINCK'S STINT, LONG-TOED STINT, JACK SNIPE, Ross' Gull, Red-legged Kittiwake, Whiskered Auklet, Crested Auklet, PACIFIC SWIFT, COMMON HOUSE-MARTIN, TAIGA FLYCATCHER, DARK-SIDED FLYCATCHER, GRAY-STREAKED FLYCATCHER, Siberian Rubythroat, Bluethroat, Eyebrowed Thrush, Eastern Yellow Wagtail, White Wagtail, OLIVE-BACKED PIPT, Red-throated Pipit, McKay's Bunting, Brambling


Hans Jornvall

Swedish 739


James P. Smith

UK/USA - MA 738
Updated Feb/14. Recent additions: Sinaloa Wren (AZ), Common Crane (NV), Northern Lapwing, White-faced SP, Barolo Shearwater, Red-billed Tropicbird(all MA), Plain-capped Starthroat (AZ), Gray-tailed Tattler (AK), Kirtland's Warbler (MI), Nutting's Flycatcher (AZ). 2011:Baird's Sparrow (AZ), Mangrove Cuckoo (FL), White-tailed Tropcibird (NC). 2009 additions: WT Ptarmigan (May CO), Tufted Duck (Feb RI), Blue Bunting (Jan TX), European Golden Plover (Oct ME), White Wagtail, Nome, AK (Jun AK). Also in '08; Limpkin, Florida Scrub-Jay, Banaquit (FL), Northern Jacana (AZ) in Dec '07. Started US birding in July '97.


Peter R. Bono

USA 737
(Mar 2019) #737 -- Island Scrub-Jay


Jeff Peters

USA 735
Common Cuckoo, California Condor, # 700 Laysan Albatross on Westport Pelagic.
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