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John Fraser

UK 1390
As of 20/03/2016


Lee G R Evans

British 860
UK400 Club Western P Taxonomy up to and including 01/12 2012 - just 7 new splits in 4 years. Latest additions SOCOTRA CORMORANT & ASIAN PIED STARLING in Kuwait and CALIFORNIA QUAIL (Category C) in Corsica; Black-headed Weaver and Black-headed Munia (Category C) in Spain/Portugal and Pied Crow (ship-assisted) in Spain; IRAQ BABBLER in Turkey on 12th June; SWINHOE'S SNIPE in Finland 26 June; ZINO'S PETREL in Madeira (at sea and on breeding cliffs) on 10/7/08


Graeme Joynt

Hartlepool, England 837
IOC taxonomy as at 27/03/17. Just back from a 'Category C clean up' in southern Germany and northern Italy: Yellow-headed Amazon, Swan Goose and Muscovy Duck. Not great I admit! Prior to that, added Stejneger's Stonechat, Landguard Point and Siberian Accentor, Easington; both October 2016.


Steve Riley

UK 836
Many trips throughout almost whole of the region since 1970. ( Mauritania, Algeria, Cape Verde, Georgia and Azores still to visit)


Richard Bonser

British 780
780 using www.netfugl.dk taxonomy. 2010 - Pied Crow Western Sahara, Great Blue Heron Azores, Hume's Wheatear Kuwait & Belted Kingfisher Spain. Birded Azores, Belgium, Britain, Canary Islands, Cape Verdes, Corsica, Cyprus, Egypt, Finland, France, Georgia, Greece, Holland, Italy, Ireland, Israel, Kuwait, Madeira, Mallorca, Mauritania (inside WP), Morocco, Norway, Portugal, Spain & Turkey.


Phil Gaywood

English 775
Tengmalm's & Ural Owls & White-backed Woodpecker, Slaty-back Gull, Oriental Turtle Dove, Sandhill Crane, Kruper's Nuthatch, Cinereous Bunting, Myrtle Warbler


David Fisher

United Kingdom 774
Updated August 2020: Recent highlights have included Jouanin's Petrel and Hume's Wheatear in Oman. This total is for the Greater Western Palearctic including all of the Arabian Peninsula (but not Socotra). Total for the traditional BWP area is 702. Based on IOC 10.2. No introduced or 'heard-only' birds included.


Judy Riley

UK 771
Many trips throughout the region: Latest all in UK: Am.Cliff Swallow, Sibe.Accentor and Dusky Thrush.



English 767
Last updated 22 October 2017, strictly Clements taxonomy; Latest Grey Catbird. Photographs and report on http://www.birdfinders.co.uk


Kris De Rouck

Belgium 762 wpbirds.com
724 following netfugl.dk (update 24-06-2008), Latest added new species :Swinhoe's Snipe, Red-billed Leiothrix, Elegant Tern, Atlas Flycatcher, Vinous-breasted Starling, Black Scrub Robin, Crested Honey Buzzard, Tricoloured Heron, Indian Roller,Shikra,Long-tailed Shrike,Red-tailed Wheatear,Common Babbler,Banc Myna,Red-vented Bulbul (ps: the list count 762 species following wpbirds.com).


Ray Moyle

British 759
Maghreb Owl, Algerian Nuthatch, Siberian Thrush, Taiga Flycatcher and several splits.


Ian Lewis

British 756
IOC taxonomy. Boundaries as in BWP. 836 if the area covered by the Handbook of WP Birds (HS&LS) is used. Recent additions: Algerian Nuthatch, Atlas Fly, Mahgreb Owl in Algeria, Af Desert Warbler Tunisia - May 2019


Richard Bayldon

British 755
Highlights include Zino's ,Desertas & Madeiran Petrels,Macaronesian Shearwater,Demoiselle Cranes,Caspian Plover,Lappet-faced Vulture, Slender-billed Curlew in Morocco,Lichtenstein's Sandgrouse,African Marsh,Hume's Tawny and Striated Scops Owl,Corsican & Eastern Rock Nuthatch,Arabian Warbler,Radde's Accentor,Desert Sparrow & Grey-necked Bunting.


Chris Lansdell www.oenanthe.co.uk

British 752
Persian Wheatear, Kuwait, Jan 2012. Western & Sharp-tailed Sandpipers, UK, Dec 2011. Steller's Eider and Siberian Tit, Norway, May 2011. Mountain Chiffchaff, Kuwait, April 2011. Glaucous-winged Gull, Aarhus, Denmark, Dec 2010. Fischer's Lovebird, Reeve's Pheasant, France, Oct 2010. Alder Flycatcher, Blakeney Point, Sept 2010. White-faced Storm Petrel, Madeiran Petrel, Zino's Petrel and Fea's Petrel, Madeira, July 2010. Thick-billed Lark, Atlas Flycatcher, Pied Crow, Royal Tern, Cricket Warbler, Western Sahara, Apr/May 2010. Ashy Drongo, White-tailed Plover and Sykes's Warbler, Kuwait, Apr 2010. Thayers Gull, Ireland, Feb 2010. Long-toed Stint, Netherlands, Oct 2009. Eastern Crowned Warbler, Co Durham, Oct 2009. Brown Shrike, Surrey, Oct 2009. Sandhill Crane, Orkney, Sept 2009. White-rumped Swift, Red Avadavat, Ruppell's Vulture, Crested Myna, Common Waxbill, Yellow-crowned Bishop and Black-headed Weaver, Spain/Portugal June 2009 / Corsican Finch and Corsican Nuthatch, Corsica, May 2009 / Shikra, Swift Tern and Indian Roller, Kuwait, Apr 2009 / Black Bush Robin, Egyptian Nightjar and Hume's Owl, Israel, Mar 2009 / Balearic Warbler, Mallorca, Feb 2009 / American Herring Gull, Galway, Ireland Jan 2009 / Dusky Thrush, Erezee, Belgium, Jan 2009 / Oriental Turtle Dove and Buff-bellied Pipit, Sweden, Nov 2008 / Philadelphia Vireo, Kilbaha, Co Clare, Oct 2008 / Little Blue Heron, Letterfrack, Co Galway, Oct 2008


Remco Hofland

Dutch 746 (incl Oman, UAE, excl HO)
Updated 27 Mar 2019. Excl heard-onlies and intros. Highlights include Harlequin Duck (Russia, 2019); Zino’s, Fea’s & Desertas Petrel, Razo Lark (West Africa Pelagic, 2016); Pallas’s Fish Eagle, Yellow Bittern, African Spoonbill, Malachite Kingfisher, Arabian Golden-winged Grosbeak (Oman, 2016); Collared Kingfisher, Plain Leaf Warbler (UAE, 2016); Rock Partridge & Three-toed Woodpecker (Switzerland, 2010); displaying Capercaillie (Norway 2006); Great Grey Owl (Sweden); Houbara Bustard, Tawny Eagle, Slender-billed Curlew, Thick-billed Lark & Desert Sparrow (Morocco 1990); Sora, Red Grouse, Redhead, Grey-cheeked Thrush & Bobolink (England); Hazel Grouse & Dusky Thrush (Belgium); Dunn’s Lark (Jordan 1994); Great Shearwater (Ireland 2007); Red-billed Tropicbird (Fuerteventura 1998); Black Bush-Robin (Israel 1998); 1,579 Sociable Lapwings, Cream-coloured Courser & Iraq Babbler (Syria 07); Bald Ibis (Turkey, Morocco & Syria); a flock of 64 Lesser White-fronted Goose, Redhead, Steller’s Eider, Yellow-billed Loon, Black-winged Kite, Eastern Imperial & Bonelli’s Eagle, Black Vulture, Gyrfalcon, Great Bustard, Oriental Turtle Dove, Oriental Pratincole, Great Knot, Sharp-tailed, Stilt, Solitary & Upland Sandpiper, Long-toed Stint, Caspian Plover, Thayer’s, Ivory & Ross’s Gull, Elegant & Bridled Tern, Hawk & Pygmy Owl, African & Asian Desert Warbler, Wallcreeper, Siberian Rubythroat, Daurian Jackdaw, Pine Grosbeak, Yellow-rumped Warbler, Red-headed & Yellow-breasted Bunting, Baltimore Oriole (the Netherlands 1985-2019).


Geoff Dobbs

British 744
based on netfugl/IOC


Bob Duckhouse

English 727
Using www.netfugal.dk taxonomy UK : Oriental Pratincole, Mourning Dove, Ovenbird, Song Sparrow, Siberian,Thrush, Grey tailed Tatler, Indigo Bunting. Other :Azure tit, Black bush robin, Thick billed Lark, Moussier's Redstart, Cinereous Bunting, Lichtenstein's Sandgrouse, Corsican Finch. Glaucous winged Gull Latest:Caspian Snowcock, Mongolian Finch, Striated Scops Owl,Red wattled Lapwing, Iraq Babbler,African Desert Warbler, Fulvous Babbler, Marsh Owl, Double spurred Francolin, Plain Martin, Lammergeier, Black crowned Sparrow Lark, Long billed Pipit, Oriental Skylark, Arabian Warbler,Laurel pigeon, Bolle's pigeon, Avadavat, Nile valley Sunbird, Goliath Heron, Three banded Plover, Yellow billed Stork, African Skimmer, Brunnich's Guilletmot, Pine Grosbeak, Siberian Tit, Hazelhen, Pacific Swift, Three-toed Woodpecker, Thick billed Warbler, Cape Verde : Fea's Petrel, White faced Petrel, Black Heron, Magnificent Frigatebird, Little Shearwater, Razo Lark, Long tailed Rosefinch, Oriental Cuckoo, Siberian Rubythroat, Yellow billed Cuckoo, Grey Hypocolius, Persian Wheatear, White backed Woodpecker, Guldenstadt's Redstart, Great Rosefinch, Green warbler, Dunn's Lark, Cricket Longtail, Royal Tern, Small Buttonquail


Bob Swann

Scottish 725
based on www.netfugl.dk 11/11/2015


Dave Horton

British 724
IOC Taxonomy. Latest Oct 20. Tennessee Warbler, Sibe Thrush. Dwarf Bittern on Fuerteventura, Corsica added 4 species, Morocco 5 including Dupont's Lark, Georgia and Armenia, March 16, Cape Verde added 12 species. Jan 15 Morocco added 15 species plus Great Blue Heron and Hudsonian Godwit in the UK, Rock Partridge in Croatia, Krupers Nuthatch and Red-fronted Serin in Turkey, Zinos and Desertas Petrels in Madeira, Laurel Pigeon in Tenerife


John Hopkins

British 723
The Murrulet


Steve W Smith

English 722
AERC List & boundaries. Most recent ticks: Hermit Thrush & Paddyfield Pipit (2019). Grey Catbird, Sooty Tern UK & 14 Ticks on Cape Verde/West African Pelagic (2018). Waiting for Eastern Yellow Wagtail (2019), Boyd's Little Shearwater (2018), Chinese Pond Heron (2014) & Stejneger's Scoter (2011) to be added to WP list. Includes 11 Cat C species - Full list on Bubo


Ken Shaw

Scottish 719
Goliath Heron, Brown Booby, Lappet-faced Vulture (southern Red Sea Jan 08)


Roger Kay

British 712
April 2018 trip to Corsica.December trip to Kuwait now 703U.K. Lifers 2016 Great Knot.Dalmation Pelican.Siberian Accentor.Dusky Thrush.Pine Bunting U.K.Stepped into Kazakstan 6 Life ticks June 2017. Scoops owl in Sunderland.


Mike Edgecombe

british 712
Barrow's Goldeneye 2005,Ovenbird added 2004, Black Lark, Savannah Sparrow, Siberian Rubythroat, American Coot added 2003. Hawk,Ural, Tengmalms, Pygmy Owls added Finland June 04.Barrows Goldeneye,Sooty Tern& Brunnich's Guillemot. Great Grey Owl, Black Scoter, Canada Warbler, Long billed Murrelet 06. Azure Tit Finland Feb 07,White rumped Swift& Com Waxbill May07 Brown flycatcher, White cr sparrow. Corsican Nuthatch and Corsican Finch May08, Little Blue Heron, Alder Flycatcher, Royal Tern N Wales09 Brown Shrike, Eastern cr Warbler, Baikal Teal. Hume's Tawny Owl Jordon 2010. Yellow cr Night Heron, Zino's Petrel, Madeiran and white faced storm petrels. Trocaz pigeon.June 2011. Rock Partridge Croatia June 12, Dusky Thrush, Thick billed Warbler, Cape May Warbler UkHermit Thrush, Great blue Heron and Hudsonian Godwit. Red winged Balckbird, Elegant tern


Mark Sutton

British 707
Netfugl.dk ranking: Recent UK additions: UK: ScarletTanager, Europe: Wallcreeper, Citril Finch, White-backed Woodpecker, Crested Myna, Red-billed Leothrix, Black-headed Weaver.


Justin Lansdell

British 702 (WP Birds) - 719 with introductions
Dusky Thrush. Little Blue Heron and Phildelphia Vireo - Oct 08, Brown Shrike - Sept 08, Couple of new Cat C - Fischers Lovebird and Red-billed Leiothrix, both France. June/July 08, Loads of new birds in Kuwait - April 08 - best were Lesser Frigatebird (personal find), Oriental Skylark, Grey Hypocolius, Basra Reed Warbler, Socotra Cormorant. Sacred Ibis - Italy (plus both Parrotbills and Northern Bobwhite) - Feb 08, White-crowned Sparrow - Jan 08, Turkestan Shrike & Brown Flycatcher - Oct 07, Sharp-tailed Sandpiper - Aug 07, White-rumped Swift and Iberian Green Woodpecker July 07, Hudsonian Whimbrel 2/7, White-tailed Plover 17/6 - 18 new birds in East Turkey May/June 07 incl Iraq Babbler, Red-wattled Lapwing, Mongolian Trumpeter Finch, Caspian Snowcock, Striated Scops Owl, Grey-necked Bunting etc. 2007 Additions - Glaucous-winged Gull, Pacific Diver, Azure Tit, Pine Grosbeak and Great Grey Owl. Older stuff includes plenty of British twitching (Little Whimbrel, Long-billed Murrelet, Red-breasted Nuthatch, Yellow-throated Vireo, Grey-tailed Tattler, Common Yellowthroat, Black and Yellow-billed Cuckoos, Hermit Thrush, Golden-winged Warbler, Double-crested Cormorant, Lark Sparrow etc). Also trips to Finland, Spain (3 times), Iceland, Israel, Morocco, Hungary, Slovakia, Lesbos, Cyprus, Canaries with highlights Lesser Flamingo, Nubian Nightjar, Red-billed Tropicbird, Crowned Sandgrouse, Houbara and McQueens Bustards, Desert Sparrow, Double-spurred Francolin, Syrian Serin etc.



Latest :- Morning Dove


Stewart Hinley

UK 700
Taxonomy = Clements. 700th bird Black-browed Albatross at Sula Sgeir. For westernpal list (Clements) go to www.westernpaltours.com


Andy Wilkinson

English 696 (netfugl.dk)
Israel March 2006 (2nd trip) inc Brown Booby, Lesser Flamingo, MacQueen's Bustard, Sinai Rosefinch, Nubian Nightjar,Crowned & Spotted Sandgrouse, Red Billed Tropicbird,Syrian Serin, Pallas's Gull,Armenian Gull,Striated Bunting, Bimaculated Lark,Desert Finch etc... (20 ticks) Long Billed Murrelet Dawlish Devon 11/11/06.....Finland Feb 2007- Azure Tit AKA Velkopattolinen !! plus Hawk Owl,Great Grey Owl, Pine Grosbeaks & Sib Tit, Wilson's Phal Graffham Water 5/5/07, 19 Ticks SE Turkey June 2007 inc Iraq Babbler,Caspian Snowcock,Mongolian T.Finch,Red Wattled Lapwing,Syriated Scops Owl, White Tailed Plover Leighton Moss 17/6/07 , Dark Eyed Junco Langham 14/7/07 ,Sharp tailed Sandpiper Oare Marshes 11/8/07,Blyth's Reed Warbler Salthouse 30/9/07,Asian Brown Flycatcher + Turkestan Shrike Flamborough 4/10/07, Grey Checked Thursh St Mary's 15/10/07, White Crowned Sparrow Cley 6/1/08, N.Italy Feb 2008(Sacred Ibis,Northern Bobwhite & both Parrotbills) Kuwait April 2008, 18 ticks inc Lesser Frigatebird, Basra Reed Warbler, Socotra Cormorant & Oriental Skylark



Belgian 695
Clements List (also submitted to A.B.A.). just before 2008 update (691 after with lumps of Green-winged Teal, Heuglin's & American Herring Gulls and Siberian Stonechat). Highlights: Pacific Diver (Cornwall, 2008), White-tailed Tropicbird (1st W.P. in Cape Verde, 1999), Little Blue Heron (Ireland, 2008), Redhead (Wales, 2001), Crested Honey-buzzard (Israël, 2008), Lappet-faced Vulture (Egypt, 2003), Verreaux's Eagle (Jordan, 2000), Sora (Devon, 2000), American Coot (Azores, 2003), Crab Plover (Egypt, 2003), Oriental Pratincole (Norfolk, 1993), Red-wattled Lapwing (Turkey, 1990), Short-billed Dowitcher (Azores, 2003), Slender-billed Curlew (Morocco, 1989-95), Great Knot (The Netherlands, 1991 & UK, 1996), Sharp-tailed Sandpiper (Belgium, 1989), Elegant Tern (France, 2008), Didric Cuckoo (Isra�l, 1994), Blue-naped Mousebird (Mauritania, 2005), Razo Lark (Cape Verde, 1999), American Robin (Cornwall, 2003), Syke's Warbler (Isra�l, 1994), Cricket Longtail (Mauritania, 2005), Azure Tit (Finland, 2007), Corsican Nuthatch (Corsica, 1989), Long-tailed Shrike (Jordan, 2004), Scarlet Tanager (Ireland, 2008), White-crowned Sparrow (U.K., 2008), Bobolink (UK, 2002), Baltimore Oriole (UK, 2003). Total is 694 with AERC TAC taxonomy and 717 on WPbirds.com.


Bob Bailey

British 695
My many trips to Israel, also recent trip to Finland and Arctic Norway.


Bob Bullock

British 692
White-throated Robin, Stejneger's Scoter, Azure Tit, Pygmy Owl, Hazel Grouse Slaty-backed Gull


Paul French

British 691 IOC
Latest = White-winged Scoter, Red-tailed Shrike, Lesser Flamingo, Dwarf Bittern, Canary Islands Stonechat, Middle Spotted Woodpecker, Black-browed Albatross, Lesser Crested Tern, African Royal Tern, Cricket Wblr, Sudan Golden Sparrow, Golden Nightjar, Kelp Gull, Northern Bald Ibis, Dusky Thrush, Siberian Accentor


Pete Antrobus

English 690
Latest:- PACIFIC SWIFT, DUSKY THRUSH nice!....RUBYTHROAT Shetland Oct 2011. Citril Finch Spain Sept 2011. BOU splits - Hudsonian Whimbrel and Sibe Stonechat. June 2011 Madeira clean up including Yellow Crowned Night Heron, Zino's, Fea's, White-faced Storm Petrel, Bulwer's, Madeiran Petrel, Trocaz P, Madeiran Firecrest,. Slaty-backed Gull. Sykes's Warbler, Eastern Crowned Warbler, Sandhill Crane, Royal Tern, PHILLY VIREO,LITTLE BLUE HERON,ALDER FLY,SWINHOE'S SNIPE at Niirala,Finland.


Ernie Davis

British 687(clements)
Latest Crab plover,Painted snipe,Lappet faced vulture,white cheeked tern,Goliath Heron,


Sue Bryan

British 683
Caspian Plover Israel 08 Azure-winged Magpie Black Wheatear May 06 Owls of Finland Sib Jay Sib Tit Pine Grosbeak Norfolk Birders


Andy Sims

British 682 BOU
Latest - Turkey/Georgia may 2011 Cucasian Grouse & Snowcock, Great Rosefinch, Mongolian Finch, Iraq Babbler, See-see Partridge, Kurdish Wheatear & Grey-necked Bunting. 3rd November Mourning Dove. 7th June White-tailed Plover. Turkey May/June 07 Caspian Snowcock, Pale Scops Owl, Radde's Accentor etc. Glaucous-winged Gull 03/03/07. Pacific Diver Jan 07.


Jean-Philippe Siblet

French 682
Nil Sunbird, Senegal Thicknee, Afican Skimmer, African collared Dove (Egypt), Red-footed Booby, Swainson's Thrush, Long toed Stint, Stilt Sandpiper, Azure Tit (Ukraine), American Cliff Swallow


Rob Morris

British (Aus Resident) 680


John Martin

British 680
(AERC) Desert Sparrow, Caucasian Black Grouse, Wallcreepers, Verreaux's Eagle amongst favourites plus lots of goodies in UK. Latest Nile Valley Sunbird, Kurdish Wheatear, Painted-snipe, Clam Reed, Sen Thick-knee Egypt Dec 10.


Peter Gluth

English 679
Hawk Owl in Zwolle: 04.12.2013


Steve Lister

British 679
Clements taxonomy inc 2019 update. Highlights are finding the first Great Knot for Africa (and the first Wren for Egypt !) and seeing Slender-billed Curlews in Morocco. 2007 additions were African Desert Warbler and Thick-billed Lark in Morocco, Pacific Diver and Franklin's Gull in England and Dupont's Lark in Spain. 2008 White-crowned Sparrow and Tundra Bean-Goose in the UK plus Ruppell's Vulture in Spain. 2009 Brown Shrike in England. 2010 trip for far-eastern Turkey specials. 2011 Oriental Turtle Dove. 2012 Western Sandpiper and Thayer's Gull. 2013 Dusky Thrush and Baikal Teal in UK and Brown Fish-Owl in Turkey. 2014 American Coot in Scotland and Black-winged Pratincole in England. 2015 Hudsonian Godwit in Somerset (having not really realised the importance of the one back in 1981). 2016 Western Orphean Warbler in Spain and Shikra in Azerbaijan, Siberian Accentor in UK. 2018 White-winged Scoter in Scotland. 2019 Cape Verde specialities plus African Crake, Azure Tit in Belarus.


John Gregroy

British 677
Clements Taxonomy


Phil Abbott

English 677 Netfugl
23,10,09,Eastern crowned warbler,17,10,09 Brown shrike 18,5,09 Black winged Pratincole,12,4,09 White throated sparrow Jan 2009 Dusky Thrush,(Belgium)Indian Roller,Shikra,Common babbler,Common mynah,Bank mynah,Red vented bulbul,White cheeked bulbul,Hypocolis Dunns lark,Black crowned finch lark,Persian wheatear,


Paul Whiteman

UK 663 IOC
latest tick: Taiga Flycatcher, Latest split; Hudsonian Whimbrel, again (plus Fea's 'type' Petrel)


Leo Boon

Dutch 659
2007: Red-flanked Bluetail and Blyth's Pipit


Kieran Fahy

Irish 659
IOC Taxonomy - no heard only


Selmeczi Kovacs Adam

Magyarország 657


Alan Greensmith

Independent 657
24 April 2009. Chasing vagrants in the UK.


Stephen R Mawby

British 653
Clements taxonomy
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