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Nick Montegriffo

British 647
Acadian Flycatcher, Italian Sparrow, White-winged Scoter, Royal Tern, Eastern Yellow Wagtail, Siberian Accentor, Dusky Thrush, Elegant Tern, Pallas's Grasshopper Warbler, Two-barred Greenish Warbler, Grey Catbird


Dave Hopkins

British 644
Slender-billed Curlew Morocco. Hope to get this up to 650 next year.


Steve Starling

British 643
2012 since last updated been to Norway 9 times incl Svalbard, Jordan, Israel twice and driven via Denmark& 4 others to Norway also.


John Clarkson

English 642
Cape Verde Shearwater, Sparrow, Warbler etc. Ural, Tengmalm's and Pygmy Owl


Ted Parker

English 641
Among the most recent additions are a smart Black Scoter close to home at Bamburgh (April 2011), the superb Sandhill Crane, which flew south past my local patch at Hummersea as it passed through Cleveland and the mainland Solitary Sandpiper at Nateby, Lancs.


Tommy Frandsen

Denmark 641
last:14 days in Kuwait, April 2006 blockers.Amurfalcon Sweden Great Blue and Little blue Heron the Azores. Dwarf Bittern on Tenerife. Intermediate Egret Cap Verde.


Peter Basterfield

UK 638
Western Sandpiper


Richard Allison

British 637
650 based on UK400 guidelines


Ed. O'Hara

Irish 636
lack-crowned Tchagra,Atlas Chaffinch,Levaillant's Woodpecker,Maghreb Magpie,Desert Grey Shrike,House Bunting,Common Bulbul,Seebohm's Wheatear,Red-rumped Wheatear,Tristram's Warbler,Moroccan Wagtail,Barbary Partridge,Moussier's Redstart,Bar-tailed lark,Iberian Chiffchaff,Alpine Chough. UAE: Terek Sandpiper, Crab Plover,Dusky Warbler,Pacific Golden Plover, Hume's Wheatear, Hooded Wheatear, Clamorous Reed Warbler et alia.Latest sightings include Egyptian Plover , Double spurred Francolin, Senegal Coucal,Greater Painted Snipe, Royal Tern eyc.


Andrew Self

Terran 635
Updated Dec 2016. Last addition Oriental Turtle Dove


Keith Betton

British 631


Jose Portillo

Spanish 630
Lifers during 2013 in Mainland Spain & Canaries: Short-billed Dowitcher, Thayer's gull, Red-billed Tropicbird, Little Bunting, Semipalmated Plover, Red-Breasted Flycatcher, Wilson's snipe; Additions in 2014: Sandhill crane, Guldenstadt redstart, Great rosefinch, Caucasian snowcock, Eastern imperial eagle, Barred warbler. Birds WP in Mainland Spain, Balearics, Canaries, Ceuta, Madeira, Azores, Iceland, UK, Corsica, Croatia, Poland, Sweeden, Finland, Norway, Morocco, Western Sahara, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Turkey & Georgia


Phil Hansbro

English/Australian 628
According to Neflugl, latest additions Tenerife & Fuerteventura, lived in Australia since 1991 (except 1997-9)


Hans Jornvall

Swedish 628


Ed Opperman

dutch 628
to much.


Dave Sargeant

British 627
Last upd: Jun 2015. (Based on good, old fashioned Clements list, and western Palearctic boundaries as per Cramp et. al, not some definitions I made up myself)


Andy Hall

British 624
Latest editions: Red-flanked Bluetail, Texel 2016


Bernard Couronne

French 623
Update April 2018 - strictly follow Clements and all birds seen. 615 without Cape Verde and following AERC list. White-rumped Sandpiper in August 2017 (France). Moltoni's Warbler in Corsica in May 2017. Georgia - Armenia April-May 2017 : plus 8 including Caucasian Snowcock and Black Grouse, Imperial Eagle, Radde's Accentor and Güldenstädt Redstart. Morocco April 2017 : plus 10 Double-spurred Francolin, Crested Coot, Marsh Owl, Dupont's and Dunn's Larks, Sudan Golden Sparrow and so on. Madeira August 2014 : Zino's Petrel and Trocaz Pigeon. Israël March 2014 : Sand Partridge, Macqueen's Bustard, Caspian Plover, Great Black-headed and Armenian Gulls, Namaqua Dove, Hume's Owl, Oriental Skylark, Siberian Stonechat, Pied Bushchat (!!), Hooded Wheatear, Arabian Warbler, Semicollared Flycatcher, Arabian Babbler, Vinous-breasted Starling, Striated Bunting and some more. France (Ushant) October 2013 : Semipalmated Sandpiper. France October 2012 : Solitary Sandpiper, White's Thrush and Booted Warbler on Ushant island.


Hugh Harrop

UK 622
Clements taxonomy, not UK400 nonsense.


Brian Cox

British 622
Red-billed Tropicbird, White-cheeked Tern, Lappet-faced Vulture & Caspian Plover Israel '86.


Mick Watts

English 622
Wallcreeper every time.


Jan van der Laan

Netherlands 621
Highlights ever: Sl-b'd Curlew ('89), Alg. Nuthatch ('83), Lappet-faced Vulture ('80), Sandhill Crane ('91), Great Knot ('91), Daurian Jackdaw ('95), Yellow-rumped Warbler ('96), Caucasian Bl. Gr 9'85), Swift Tern ('86), Tawny Eagle ('90). 621 according to Clements, but without 12 c-species. According to www.wpbirds.com 641 species. Latest addition: White's Thrush (1-oct-2004). Still no Lammergeier...


Steve Holmes & Marion Barlow

English 621
Wilsons Petrel (Clare August 2002)


Chris WIlkinson

British 619
So many......


Peter L. Meininger

Dutch 617


steve botham

English 617
Slender billed gull, White throated kingfisher, Semi Collared Flycatcher


Jonathan Mercer

British 617
Latest; Lammergeier, Spanish Pyrenees, June 02; Pallid Harrier, Kent, Aug 02; White-throated Sparrow, Oct 02: Siberian Jay, Sweden, Jan 03; Dupont's Lark and White-rumped Swift, Spain, May 03; Black Lark, June 03; Bulwer's Petrel and Trocaz Pigeon, Madeira, June 03; Grey-cheeked Thrush, Oct 03; American Robin, Dec 03; Barrow's Goldeneye, Iceland, July 04; Sooty Tern, Green Heron, Anglesey 05; Killdeer, April 06; Corsican Nuthatch, Corsican Finch, Marmora's Warbler, Sept 06; Falcated Duck, Dec 06; Pacific Diver, Feb 07; Azure Tit, Finland, Mar 07; Dalmatian and White Pelicans, Semi-collared Flycatcher, Levant Sparrowhawk, Bulgaria, May 07; White-tailed Plover, June 07; Brown Flycatcher, Buff-bellied Pipit, Oct 07; Nile Valley Sunbird, African Pied Wagtail, Egypt, Nov 07; White-crowned Sparrow Jan 08; Brown Shrike, Sep 08; Glaucous-winged Gull, Jan 09; Zino's Petrel, July 09; Azorean Yellow-legged Gull, Eastern Crowned Warbler, Oct 09; Empidonax (Alder?) Flycatcher, Sept 10, American Bittern, Oct 10; Oriental Turtle Dove, Feb 11; White-throated Robin, Jun 11; Sandhill Crane, Sept 11.


Roger Pedley

English 616
May 08; Rock Partridge in France


Ies Goedbloed

Dutch 615
Latest: April 2018 Cape Verde, all Santiago-endemics


Janne Aalto

Finnish 614
New species 2010: Catalonia: Red-billed Leiotrix, Black-bellied Sandgrouse; Britain: Radde's Warbler, Bonelli's Warbler, Syke's Warbler, Scottish Crossbill, White-rumped Sandpiper, Wilson's Phalarope; Finland: Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, Pallas's Sandgrouse; Iceland: Harlequin Duck, Barrow's Goldeneye; 2009: Yellow-browed Bunting in Sweden, Blue-winged Teal, White's Thrush, American Golden Plover and Hume's Leaf Warbler in Finland, Ivory Gull in Spitsbergen, Pechora Pipit and Veery in Foula Shetland and Taiga Flycatcher in Fetlar Shetland. Been birding also in Israel, Egypt, Kuwait, Cape Verde, Greece, Armenia, Georgia, Corsica, Sardinia, Tenerife, Madeira, Britain, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Lithuania and Estonia.


Christoph Zockler

German 611
Latest: Cyprus endemics and Black-headed Bunting


Mike Passant

British 610
Isabelline Wheatear, Veery.


David Collins

English 609
African Collared Dove


Pablo Fernández García

Spanish 608
608 following www.wpbirds.com, 599 following netfugl.dk and 597 following BUBOlisting. Birded in: Canary Islands, Portugal, Spain, France, Great Britain, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia, Turkey, Cyprus, Georgia, Morocco, Tunisia, Poland, Israel and Egypt. Latest 15 additions: 608 Rüppell´s Griffon (23/07/2009) Tarifa, Cadiz, Spain// 607 Laurel Pigeon (24/06/2009) Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain// 606 White-faced Storm-Petrel (23/06/2009) Lanzarote --> Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain// 605 Bulwer´s Petrel (23/06/2009) Lanzarote --> Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain// 604 Macaronesian Shearwater (21/06/2009) Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain// 603 Boreal Owl (3/05/2009) Pirineo de Girona, Spain// 602 Ross´s Gull (21/02/2009) Laguna del Camino de Villafranca, Alcazar de San Juan, Ciudad Real, Spain// 601 Greater Yellowlegs (3/02/2009) Ponteceso, A Coruña, Spain// 600 American Coot (21/01/2009), Valdoviño, A Coruña, Spain// 599 Surf Scoter (19/01/2009), Ría de Camariñas, A Coruña, Spain// 598 Pine Bunting (5/01/2009), Aspa, Lleida, Spain// 597 Semipalmated Sandpiper (15/09/2008), Playa La Espasa, Caravia/Colunga, Asturias, Spain// 596 Kittlitz´s Plover (7/08/2008), Wadi El Natrum, Egypt// 595 Greater Painted Snipe (7/08/2008), Abassa, Egypt// 594 Pink-backed Pelican (2/08/2008), Abu Simbel, Egypt.


Dave Barnes

English 605
Finally Citril Finch Switzerland 2001. Malc did well in Sweden thanks to Bernt?


Richard Fuller

British 604
UK400 taxonomy. Belted Kingfisher, Desert Sparrow, Temminck's Horned Lark, Striated Scops, Oriental Skylark, Hoopoe Lark, Buff-bellied Pipit, Semi-collared Fly.


Mike Watson

British 603
(As per www.netfugl.dk) Latest additions: Spanish Imperial Eagle, Black Wheatear & White-rumped Swift Jul 2008; Brown Shrike Sep 2008


Colin Dodsworth

English 603
Slender-billed Curlew (Morocco 93), Didric Cuckoo (Israel), Mongolian Finch and Caucasian Blackcock (Turkey),recent additions Fuerteventura Chat (april 2001) and Barrow's Goldeneye & Brunnich's Guillemot (Iceland june 2001)


Richard Mielcarek

British 603
Clements seen


ronald nuiver

netherlands 601
Pine Grossbeak


Andrew Self

English 601
American Robin in Cornwall, Dec 2003


Jeff Hazell

British (English) 599
(Clements 2007 + Marmora's - Balearic & Subalpine splits): Updated 7-Dec-2016, with Dusky Thrush, Beeley, Derbyshire, England.


Bertus de Lange

Dutch 597
latest :Fuerteventura chat, houbara bustard, barolo's shearwater (all 2016) Northern waterthrush (NL), Levaillants woodp. , bald ibis , plain martin and black-crowned tchagra . Latest trip Finland added Siberian jay and Siberian tit.La Palma:both Bolle's and white-tailed laurel pigeon,Canary Island chiffchaff and goldcrest .Georgia 2014 with all Caucasian specialties+levant sparrowhawk,dalmatian pelican and green warbler.


Luc Bekaert

Belgian 595
2011:Amerikaanse Oeverloper van Rilland, Nederland./Goudlijster 10.10.11 te Heist (Belgium).


Luis Mario Arce

Spanish (Asturias) 594
Last update April 2018: 4 lifers from a trip to the Caucasus region (Georgia and Armenia): Common Pheasant, Demoiselle Crane, Krupper's Nuthatch and Guildenstadt Redstart


Peter Kaestner

USA 592
July 2017 Algerian Nuthatch. Apr, 2006, Dupont's Lark, Marsa Matruh, Egypt


Roger Ahlman

Swedish 591
Slender-billed curlew, Bateleur, Chimney swift (2001)


David Collins

British 588
Bulwers Petrel, Trocaz Pigeon


William Oliver

British 588
Rock Partridge, Orjen National Park, Montenegro. October 2011; Barrow's Goldeneye, Gyrfalcon Iceland June 2012


Simon Woolley

British 585
Updated April 2009 - last WP tick was White-throated Sparrow (UK)
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