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Santiago Imberti

Argentinean 69
Some 100+ trips to Antarctic Peninsula, Falklands, Orkneys, South Georgia and also in the Ross Sea area.


Dewi Edwards

British 56
Worked in Antarctic Peninsula region and South Georgia 1984-1988 & 2001-2007. Also Marion Island (5 additional species not included here)


Stephen F. Bailey

USA, living in Italy 51
American Birding Association boundaries strictly observed! (i.e. Falkland Islands do NOT count) Jan. 2017: White-rumped Sandpipers on King George Island.


Chris Gladwin

Australian/British 49
South Georgia & seas south of convergence (Mar 2018), Cape Denison & Commonwealth Bay (East Antarctica) Dec 07 - Emperor Penguin!


Gerald Broddelez

Belgian 47
Over 30 trips - Peninsula - Ross Sea - Circumnavigation


Chris Steeman

Belgian 42


Phil Hansbro

British 42
Updated June 2009


Alan Greensmith

Independent 42
A world highlight in everyway, every species down there is exciting and spectacular, but the Snow Petrels have to be seen to be believed.


Warwick Board

South African 42
Four voyages (to and from Antarctica, including landing on Bouvet Island, a cruise through the South Sandwich Islands, and landing on Zavodovski Island): Both Sooty Albatrosses, Snow Petrel, Antarctic Petrel, white morph Southern Giant Petrel, Blue Petrel, Emperor Penguin, Adelie Penguin, Chinstrap Penguin, Macaroni Penguin, Leach's Storm Petrel, White-bellied Storm Petrel, Black-bellied Storm Petrel, Wilson's Storm Petrel, Common Diving Petrel, Pintado Petrel, Wandering Albatross, Shy Albatross, Antarctic Prion, Broad-billed Prion, Sub-antarctic Skua, South Polar Skua (appearing out of the blue at our tent whilst camping in the Skaret Valley below Rootshorga, in the H.U. Sverdrupfjella)


Claes-Göran Cederlund

Swedish 42
following ABA-rules


Mark Van Beirs

Belgian 40


David Van den Schoor

Belgian 38
My list follows the taxonomy, names and sequence of James F. Clements (6th Edition 2007) with a few exceptions of recent taxonomic decisions, updated till August 2013.


Ric Zarwell

USA - Iowa 37
updated 1-18-11 ( All first trip, Jan. 2010 )


Rob Lambert

British 37
Three trips to Antarctica, January 2005, January 2008, January 2009 (with South Georgia)


Dave Callam

British 36
Nov/Dec 1997 trip led by Mark Van Beirs : South Georgia, South Shetlands, Antarctic Peninsula. : 5 Penquin sp, 5 Albatross sp, Southern Giant Petrel (+ White morph nesting on Penquin Is.), Southern (Antarctic) Fulmar, Snow Petrel (+ on nest at Brown Bluff), Antarctic, Soft-plumaged, Blue, and Kerguelen Petrel, Antarctic and Slender-billed Prion, Black-bellied Storm-Petrel, Georgian and Common Diving-Petrel, South Georgian Pintail, Snowy Sheathbill, South Polar Skua, Antarctic Tern, South Georgia Pipit.


Jim Holmes, Jr.

USA 36
Emperor Penguin and Antarctic Petrel


Sue Bryan

British 35
Snow Petrel Yellow-nosed Albatross South Georgia Pipit Visit My Website


Jean Jacques Gozard

French 32


Garett Hodne

USA (Texas) 27
Traveled to Antarctic Peninsula and Shetland Islands in Jan 2010; updated 6/1/2021


Martin Edwards

Canadian 27


Clive Good

British 27
Christmas in the Weddell Sea..Emperor P, lots of Snow Petrels, 5 Albatross sp with Peregrineadv's


John Baker

USA 25
IOC 10.2; no heard birds


Mike Passant

British 25
Jan 2006 - purely on basis of records, a full plumage pale phase Pomarine Skua (Jaeger ) off Neko Pt. Antarctic Peninsula was notable as apparently only the 5th record for Antarctica, but surely these must simply be under recorded?;


Rob Batchelder

USA (resident in Nicaragua) 24
ABA Rules. One trip to South Shetlands and Antarctic Peninsula, November 2004.


John Penhallurick

Australia 22
Emperor Penguin,Gentoo Penguin,Adelie Penguin,Chinstrap Penguin,Blue Petre,Snow Petrel,Antarctic Petrel


Rand Rudland

Canada 21


Hugh Buck

British 20
All seen on SS Algulas trip to Antarctica via Prince Edward Islands Nov 03


Douglas Dorr

USA 17
Five penguins
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