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Arjan Dwarshuis

Dutch 6852
following the latest taxonomy by IOC, including 258 heard onlies. Top 3: Horned Guan, White-necked Picathartes and Philippine Eagle


Peter Morris

United Kingdom 2321
Oops... didn't update after my South Africa tour until now (March 2017!!). Oh well! Before that... Just completed a Tanzania Eastern Arc (near) clean-up with highlights including Udzungwa Forest Partridge, Usambara Eagle Owl, Uluguru Bush-shrike, Rufous-winged Sunbird, Spot-throat, Dapple-throat etc. Family Holiday to SA was fun with Black-footed Cat, Aardwolf and Aardvark stand outs. Prior to that, going back, busy first part of the year with Birdquests to Mallorca, Hawaii, Micronesia, Western Mexico and a big bash around Colombia, from the Choco to the Amazon, with too many highlights to list!!


Jonathan Newman

British 2302
Kashmir Fly, Pied Thrush, all Sri Lanka endems, Spot-bellied Eagle-Owl; Moluccan Woodcock, Carunc Fruitdove, Kai Cicadabird, Salmon-crested Cockatoo etc; 12 grasswrens in 14 days - good times! Also Red Goshawk, Grey Falcon, Black Rosyfinch, Steller's Eider, Tepui Wren and Biet's Laughingthrush some of the highlights so far


Charley Hesse (Tropical Birding)

British 2274


Jean Jacques Gozard

French 2007
Peru Iquitos Sept 2017: Wattled Curassow, black-necked Red Cotinga ...


Sam Woods (Tropical Birding Tours)

British (living in Ecuador) 1916
UK-Sri Lanka-Japan-Costa Rica-Jamaica-USA-Borneo-Ecuador-USA (again)-Australia-Ecuador (again)-UK; last few hours of year in Amazonian Ecuador!


David Bishop

Aus/Brit 1906/118 mammals
Arguably one of the very finest tours I have ever led. So many highlights but standouts include: Madinga - Buru; Chinese Crested Tern - wintering off Seram; Obi Woodcock - displaying when it wasn't supposed to :); Carunculated Fruit-Dove; Blue-eared and Purple-naped lories; displaying Wilson's and red BOPs - the images have to be seen to be believed. October: A brief visit to England included some good birding: Desert and Isabelline wheatears and a fabulous Jack Snipe; Home in eastern Australia for a while and a few bits and pieces including Eastern Betong and Black-chinned Honeyeater; July/Aug. 38 day spectacular exploration largely centred on the Tibetan Plateau: Wild Yak, Chiru, Verreaux's Monal Partridge, Blue, White and Tibetan Eared pheasants, Chinese Monal, Firethroat, Pink-tailed Finch, Roborovski's Rosefinch, plus 8 other spp and of course many more; stunning landscapes and wild flowers; May/June: 42 days in the Galapagos and Ecuadorian Andes - Blue and Brydes' Whale, Orca, all the possible Galapagos endemics and distinctive subspecies plus the likes of Paint-billed Crake and many fabulous seabirds; in the Andes and adjacent Amazon- Rufous Potoo, Crested and Black and White owls, 62 spp of hummingbirds, amazing numbers of tanagers, plus Tayra, Olinguito and Oncilla - fabulous 'birding'. April: Two weeks in Thailand pus 22 wonderful days in my beloved Bhutan produced some magical moments not least including Spoon-billed Sandpiper; fabulous close encounters with many pheasants: Siamese Fireback, Silver, Kalij, Grey-Peacock, Satyr Tragopan, Monal - absolutely fabulous this year! and of course Blood; White-fronted Scops, hordes of hornbills incl. Rufous-necked, a lovely male Ward's Trogon, Long-billed Wren-Babbler; a Scaly-breasted Cupwing that sang his heart out at us; Beautiful Nuthatch feeding young and three new species for my Bhutan List: Black Stork, Cinereous Vulture and Silver-breasted Broadbill; Feb: 24 days in Luzon and Palawan plus a few days in Borneo to search again for the Bornean Bristlehead which we had missed last year: 7 owls in the Philippines incl. Mantanani Scops and Ph. Eagle, Palawan Frogmouth plus 3 nightjars; superb and prolonged encounters with White-fronted Tit, Ashy Thrush, Benguet Warbler and all the possible Palawan endemics. Two groups of Bornean Bristleheads in Sabah plus Gould's Frogmouth on the nest, Bornean Banded Pitta, Whiskered Myotis and many, many other wonderful wildlife encounters. Jan: First trip overseas involved 30+ days in the Arfak Mtns. of western New Guinea. Spectacular birding incl. some very rare and little seen species: Broad-billed Fairy-Wren, Obscure Berrypecker, Vogelkop Astrapia, Papuan Nightjar and finally Uroglaux dimorph.


Jonathan Rossouw / Apex Expeditions

South African 1846 birds, 209 mammals & 724 reef fishes
OCT: Southern Guyana quest for RED SISKIN, SUN PARAKEET & Rio Branco duo, plus Harpy on the nest; SEP: Brazil, with lifer SCALED GROUND-CUCKOO (plus multiple Jaguars, Ocelots, Giant Anteaters, & lifer N Ghost Bat); AUG: Greenland & Baffin with Ivory Gull (plus NARWHAL, Bowhead, Beluga & beaut Polar Bears); JULY: S Africa, incl Dry West specialties (plus lifer GROUND PANGOLIN!); JUNE: Izu Islands, with Izu Thrush, Styan’s & Ijima’s warblers, Owston’s Tit (plus Pacific White-sided Dolphin & Fin Whale); Ogasawara Islands with Bannerman’s Shearwater, Tristram’s, matsudaira’s & Swinhoe’s Storm-Ps, & Short-tailed Albatross nesting on Torishima; Golden White-eye, Saipan Reed Warbler & other Saipan endems (plus Mariana Flying Fox on Pagan); Palau endems & Slaty-legged Crake (plus swimming with 100+ Pantropical Spotted Dolphins in 3,000+m deep water & diving outer walls, with 400+ reef fishes); MAY: Sichuan, with Chinese Monal, Temminck’s Tragopan, Golden & Lady Amherst’s Pheasants, Chinese Grouse & full sweep of other “chickens”; Blackthroat; & TEN spp parrotbill, notably Prevalski’s, Golden & Grey-hooded (plus day-time Chinese Mountain Cat and Pallas’s Cat, Forest Musk Deer, White-maned Serow, & Golden Takin); Tibetan Qinghai, with Przewalski’s Pinktail (final world bird family), & Tibetan Sandgrouse, Snowcock, Babax, Rosefinch & Bunting (plus Wild Yak, Tibetan Antelope); APR: Pel's Fishing Owl & 140 Wattled Cranes in Okavango (plus hunting Wild Dogs & Leopards); Monotonous Larks & Kurrichane Buttonquails displaying in Kalahari (plus Lions roaring in moonlight); MAR: Sweep of Tristan da Cunha endems, notably Inaccessible Island Rail, Wilkin's Finch, Gough Bunting & Moorhen plus N Rockhopper colonies & nesting Sooty & Atl Y-nosed albies; SG Pipits & FLOCKS of SG Pintails at EVERY landing on South Georgia, after successful rat eradication (plus Strap-toothed & Sthn Bottle-nosed whales, and Subant Fur Seal); FEB: Dominican Rep endem sweep, notably Palmchat, Bay-br Cuckoo, White-fr Quail-Dove & Ashy-faced Owl (plus Hispaniolan Solenodon & Hutia); JAN: Great-billed Heron & Beach Kingfisher in Raja Ampat, Papua (plus Spotted Cuscus & 653 coral reef fish spp.)


Denzil Morgan

United Kingdom 1785
Trips to Colombia , Costa Rica , India,Brazil and a bit of UK birding!


Roger Ahlman

Swedish resident in Ecaudor 1344
Ecuador (1198) and North Peru (703) so far. Clements taxonomy. Highlights include Jabiru in Ecuador, Pacific Golden Plover, 'the new antbird', Long-whiskered Owlet, Pale-billed Antpitta, Orange-throated Tanager, El Oro Parakeet, White-breasted Parakeet, Esmeraldas Woodstar, Brown Noddy, Parkinson's Petrel, Long-tailed Jaeger etc


Ies Goedbloed

Dutch 1336
USA, Iceland, Germany, Netherlands, Brazil, Argentina, Sri Lanka


Petri Hottola

Finnish (Karelian) 1314
So far in 2016, I've been birding in Finland, Sweden (just Haparanda!), Georgia, Armenia, USA, Cayman Islands, Peru, Japan, Indonesia (Sulawesi, Sumatra, Java), Malaysia (Sabah, Sarawak) and the Philippines (Cebu, Negros, Luzon). Latest addition Hawk Owl, in Hailuoto, Finland.


Markus Lilje / Rockjumper Birding Tours

South Africa 1269
Ghana, Morocco, Kenya, Tanzania and a bit of Dominican Republic, South Africa and Germany so far


Steve Keen

British 1084
Colombia Jan 7-Feb 1; eastern S Africa Feb 23-Mar 10; Hooded Crow Istanbul Airport Mar 11; otherwise just in UK, mostly Hampshire; 6 added on family holiday holiday to S France, then 4 more first day back in UK including self-found Eurasian Hoopoe


Hans Westerlaken

Dutch 1040
Siberian Accentor (Netherlands), Schlegel's Asity, Brown, White-breasted and Subdesert Mesite, Pitta-like and Long-tailed Groundroller, Sickle-billed and Blue Vanga, Grey-headed Picathartes, Grey Pratincole, Pel's Fishing Owl, Egyptian Plover, Spotted Thrush Babbler, Emin's Shrike,Bannerman's Turaco,Dybowski's TwinspotSpoon-billed Sandpiper Coral-billed Ground-Cuckoo


Carlos Gussoni

Brazilian 981
173 lifers. Celeus spectabilis (Rufous-headed Woodpecker), Picumnus subtilis (Fine-barred Piculet), Phlegopsis nigromaculata (Black-spotted Bare-eye), Poecilotriccus albifacies (White-cheeked Tody-Flycatcher), Conioptilon mcilhennyi (Black-faced Cotinga), Tangara callophrys (Opal-crowned Tanager), Oneillornis salvini (White-throated Antbird), (Lophotriccus eulophotes (Long-crested Pygmy-Tyrant), Galbalcyrhynchus purusianus (Purus Jacamar), Lophostrix cristata (Crested Owl), Formicarius rufifrons (Rufous-fronted Antthrush), Syndactyla ucayalae (Peruvian Recurvebill), Pteroglossus beauharnaisii (Curl-crested Aracari), Laterallus xenopterus (Rufous-faced Crake), Rhopornis ardesiacus (Slender Antbird), Megaxenops parnaguae (Great Xenops), Macronectes giganteus (Southern Giant-Petrel), Thalassarche melanophris (Black-browed Albatross), Charitospiza eucosma (Coal-crested Finch), Myrmoderus ferrugineus (Ferruginous-backed Antbird, Lifer 1500), Jacamerops aureus (Great Jacamar), Myrmotherula klagesi (Klages's Antwren), Morphnus guianensis (Crested Eagle), Pipra filicauda (Wire-tailed Manakin), Drymornis bridgesii (Scimitar-billed Woodcreeper), Coryphistera alaudina (Lark-like Brushrunner), Xenopsaris albinucha (White-naped Xenopsaris), Alectrurus risora (Strange-tailed Tyrant), Sporophila iberaensis (Ibera Seedeater), Gubernatrix cristata (Yellow Cardinal), Porphyrio flavirostris (Azure Gallinule), Discosura longicaudus (Racket-tailed Coquette), Numenius hudsonicus (American Whimbrel), Egretta tricolor (Tricolored Heron) and Galbula cyanicollis (Blue-cheeked Jacamar).


David Russell

USA 890
12-2016 Trips to S.India, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Dubai, Japan and locally in Taiwan


Steve Lister

British 831
England/Scotland (258, highlights Siberian Accentor, Great Knot, Dusky Thrush, Pallid Harrier, Black-winged Stilt, Broad-billed Sandpiper and local Long-billed Dowitcher and Roseate Tern), Mexico (484), western Spain (143) and Azerbaijan (191).


Dominic Le Croissette

British 790
June-Aug 2016: Taiwan endemics, a few shorebirds, and Roseate Tern. Early April: spring passage at my local patch on the Red River, Hanoi, Vietnam, including the following highlights: Japanese Robin, Japanese Quail, Hodgson's Hawk Cuckoo, Northern Boobook, Pale-footed Bush Warbler, Yellow-breasted Bunting and Chestnut Bunting. March 22nd: Chinese Penduline Tit. March 20th: Short-tailed Parrotbill at Tam Dao. March 14th-18th: Lanceolated Warbler, Masked Laughingthrush, Japanese Thrush and Daurian Starling at Red River Island. 4th-25th Feb: Moustached Hawk Cuckoo, Asian Emerald Cuckoo, Violet Cuckoo, Crested Jay, Spoon-billed Sandpiper, Nordmann's Greenshank, Asian Dowitcher, Greater Spotted Eagle, Baer's Pochard, Firethroat, Booted Eagle, Pallas's Grasshopper, Baikal Bush Warbler, Paddyfield Warbler, Chestnut Thrush, Grey-winged Blackbird, Rusty-naped Pitta, Spot-winged Starling, and Eastern Imperial Eagle, all in Thailand. Jan 28th-Feb 3rd: Orange-necked Partridge, Germain's Peacock Pheasant, Pale-headed Woodpecker and Bar-bellied Pitta among 127 species at Cat Tien national park, Vietnam. January 17th-27th: Clean-up trip to the Dalat Plateau and Central Annam, Vietnam - Chestnut-eared Laughingthrush, Orange-breasted Laughingthrush, Black-crowned Barwing, Short-tailed Scimitar-Babbler among the highlights. 205 species in Texas, USA, January 2nd-9th. No heard-only birds.


C Zockler

German 598
Myanmar, Scotland and Germany so far and at the end Myanmar again


Nathan Moorhatch

U.S.A. California 536
Including Ecuador trip....Crested Owl, Golden-headed Quetzal, Toucan Barbet....


Mark Moreno



Fred Dentello

Brasil 421
Yellowish Pipit, Great Grebe, Silver Teal, White-headed Marsh Tyrant


Michael Stoever

German 405
Stresemanns Bushcrow


Gary Biking Birder Prescott

Green Birding 318
A BIGBY (Big Green Big Year) again in 2016.The European Green Year list record attained. Birded and cycled around the UK for the year. Great birds seen include hoopoe, grey phalarope, lesser scaup, glossy ibis x 2, cattle egret, dusky warbler, American wigeon, cirl bunting, smew, red-necked grebe, 5 diver species including Pacific and white-billed; glaucous, Franklin's, yellow-legged, ring-billed and caspian gulls, Hudsonian whimbrel, chough, rose-coloured starling, slavonian and black-necked grebes, green-winged teal, great grey shrike, goshawk, hawfinch, firecrest, lesser spotted woodpecker, long-tailed duck, long-billed dowitcher, greater yellowlegs, penduline tits, water pipits, crane, lapland buntings, black-winged stilts, purple heron, savi's warbler, broad-billed sandpiper, little bittern, red-necked phalarope, bonaparte's gull, American white-winged scoter, leach's petrel, sooty shearwater, Fea's Petrel! wryneck, barred warbler, arctic warbler, booted warbler, icterine warbler, 3 lanceolated warblers, Siberian accentor, dusky thrush, Blue rock thrush, Pied and Isabelline wheatears, black-faced bunting, buff-breasted sandpiper, raddes warbler, great reed warbler, white-winged black tern, great snipe, pine bunting, bluethroat, Siberian stonechat, bean geese, little auks, pomarine skuas, marsh warbler, red-flanked bluetail, Richard's, olive-backed and Pechora pipits, Pallid and Northern harriers and a lot of yellow-browed warblers! My blog with all the details can be found at My facebook page is ..... Twitter? I am at Gary Brian Prescott #bikingbirder16 . All of my efforts are for charity. If you would like to donate or sponsor then please either message me or follow the links on the blog. My email is


Terry Smith

English 235
Latest: Scaup - Nov 26. Highlights include Hudsonian Whimbrel (Cornwall, UK - Oct) Three-toed Woodpecker & Citril Finch, Austria - July; and Egyptian Vulture, Menorca, Spain - May (all lifers), Glossy Ibis, American Wigeon & poss. Collared Flycatcher - UK. United Kingdom + Menorca - Spain, Austria, Germany and Italy visited so far.


David Daniels

USA 235
West Virginia and Ohio. 2016 World Lifers: Brambling


Bennet Porter

Massachusetts, USA 154
Eastern Kingbird, Common Tern, Greater Yellowlegs, Semipalmated Plover, Least Sandpiper, Lesser Yellowlegs, Surf Scoter, American Wigeon, Gray Kingbird, Swamp Sparrow, Savannah Sparrow, Orange-crowned Warbler, Yellow-breasted Chat, Sedge Wren, Gadwall, Wood Duck 7/20/16 - 10/29/16
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