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Phil Gaywood

English 610
Ural Owl, Tengmalm's Owl, White-backed Woodpecker. Czech. Myrtle Warbler


Jeff Hazell

British (English) 572
Iceland, Faeroes, GB, Main-Europe & its Med Isles, but not Cyprus, Turkey, Madeira or Canary Isles. As per IOC World Bird Names. Highlights: all the owls, especially those in Finland; White-t Plover, Great Snipe & White-th Robin, Lesbos, May'01; Northern Bald Ibis, SW Spain, May'05. Most wanted: any of 12 regular species not yet seen, especially Pine Grosbeak. Latest: Grey Catbird, Land's End, Cornwall UK.


terry sibley

english 565
Grey Catbird Cornwall; Hungary/Slovakia/Romania. May 2018. 11 new birds; Cyprus, Canary Isles, Spain, France, Portugal, British Isles, Italy, Croatia


Jean-Philippe Siblet

French 562
Naumann Thrush (Belgium) 10/01/2009 ; Ivory Gull (France) 24/01/2009 ; White-tailed Lapwing (France) 12/07/2009, Red-footed Booby (France (10/07/2011), Swainson's Thrush (16/10/2011), Azure Tit (Ukraine 17/09/2012), American Cliff Swallow (7/10/2012), Solitary Sandpiper (Ushant 9/10/2012), Scaly Thrush (Ushant 11/10/2012),


David Fisher

United Kingdom 554
Based on IOC v10.2. No intros or 'heard-only' species included.


Hans Westerlaken

Dutch 550
Update 21-6-2016; Observado; Thayer's Gull, Oriental Pratincole,Spotted Sandpiper,Brown Shrike, Two-barred Warbler, Long-tailed Shrike,Baltimore Oriole,Oriental Turtle Dove, Northern Waterthrush. Two new ones for Hollandwithin one week, Caspian plover and Long-toed stint.The magnificent Hawk owl and pygmy owl in Holland ! Eastern Crowned Warbler, Pallid harrier, red-eyed vireo, yellow-rumped warbler and ivory gull in Holland. Still need most Scandinavian owls


Mike Passant

British 538
White-throated Robin. Isabelline Wheatear, Veery.


Steve Lister

British 533
Up to August 2021. Latest Eastern Yellow Wagtail and Cackling Goose UK, Azure Tit and Greater Spotted Eagle in Belarus. In 2007 had Pacific Diver, Franklin's Gull, Pin-tailed Sandgrouse, Dupont's Lark, Sharp-tailed Sandpiper and Desert Wheatear. 2008 Tundra Bean-Goose (countable now), White-crowned Sparrow, Stilt Sandpiper,Semipalmated Sandpiper, Ruppell's Vulture and Monk Parakeet. 2009 Red Avadavat and Brown Shrike. 2011 Oriental Turtle Dove, Gtr Yellowlegs, Solitary Sandpiper and White-throated Robin. 2012 Western Sandpiper and Thayer's Gull. 2013 Dusky Thrush and Baikal Teal. 2014 American Coot, Black-winged Pratincole. 2015 Hudsonian Godwit. 2016 Siberian Accentor. 2018 White-winged Scoter.


Mick Watts

English 530
It has to be Wallcreeper


Luis Mario Arce

Spanish (Asturias) 528
Last update April 2018: 4 lifers from a trip to the Caucasus region (Georgia and Armenia): Common Pheasant, Demoiselle Crane, Krupper's Nuthatch and Guildenstadt Redstart.


Christoph Zockler

German 513
Georgian beauties


Terry Smith

English 511
Latest 2018: Latest split: Mediterranean Flycatcher (first seen in Mallorca, May 2012). Highlights include Varied Thrush, Ancient and Long-billed Murrelets, Wallcreeper, Steller's Eider, Oriental Pratincole, Elegant Tern, Green Heron, Little Whimbrel, Scarlet Tanager, Golden-winged Warbler & Yellow-throated Vireo (UK), Rock Partridge in Croatia and Lanner Falcon in Greece. Don't count trips to Cyprus and Turkey!


Paul Clack

British 509
Most recent: Brown Shrike, Staines Moor. A few highlights include Fea's Petrel (UK), Blue-winged Warbler (Ireland), Ruppell's Griffon (Spain), Steppe Eagle (Bulgaria) and Hawk Owl (Sweden).


Mario Renden

Netherlands 500
Western Sandpiper,Grey-headed Lapwing,Little Curlew (2019), Blackpoll Warbler (2020)


David Collins

British 496
Western Sandpiper, Pygmy Owl, Hazelhen, White-backed & Three-toed Woodpecker



Update 19.03.2022


Vincent Stork

Dutch 485
Today Oriental Turtle Dove in Holland and two weeks ago Baltimore Oriole


Steve Holmes & Marion Barlow

British 484


Dave Sargeant

British 483
Last update: Jun 2015.


Bernard Couronne

French 481
April 2018 - including a trip in Georgia and Armenia in 2017 (= + 16) but it is not clear if the Caucasus is in or out ? Without Caucasus it would be 465 ... Bufflehead in Holland - December 2014 ; Semipalmated Sandpiper on Ushant (France) - October 2013 ; Solitary Sandpiper, Scaly Thrush and Booted Warbler on Ushant (France) - October 2012 ; 420 species on my French list.


Georges Olioso

French 476
Black-browed Albatross (France, 26/09/2014)


Justin Jansen

Holland 469
last one Houbara Bustard.


Hans Jornvall

Swedish 467


Lajos Nmeth-Bka

Hungarian 465
Unidentified Sandgrouse flock in Hungary (Possibly Pallas's).


Keith Betton

British 462


Goran Frisk

Swedish 461
Sylvia rupelli


Yvon Princen

Belgian 457
Afrikaanse woestijngrasmus, witkruintapuit, Parrot Crossbill, Bonte tapuit, Asian golden plover, Lesser scaup, Hazel grouse Ural Owl Pygmy owl, Syrian Woodpecker, Catbird, Isabelline Wheatear, Yellow-billed Diver, American golden plover, lesser yellowlegs, italian sparrow, Siberina stonechat, Lesbos not included, is included with the Middle East and Asia, Rustic Bunting Purple gallinule


Andy Lovering

British ( resident in France ) 436
Latest sp: Baillon's Crake, France 04/2021


Ollie Richings

English 432
Visited Bulgaria, Finland, Spain, Germany, Italy and France, as well as British twitching.


Per Ole Syvertsen

Norwegian 429
Updated 2010-05-10



Italian 425
Last lifer: Red-necked Nightjar


DELIRY Cyrille

French 414
Mergus cucculatus


Michael Stoever

german 410
hawk owl 2014


Peter Claus

België 403
Azores april 2018: Cory's & Macaronesian shearwater


Tor Egil Høgsås

Norway 402
Latest in Norway: Pied Grebe (22.04.07), Imperial Eagle (08.03.07), Masked Shrike (07.10.06), Terek Sandpiper (08.09.06), Blue-winged Teal (31.07.06), Steppe Grey Shrike (13.11.05), Dusky Warbler (05.11.05), Rosy Starling (16.09.05), Greater Short-toed Lark (15.06.05), American Wigeon (19.05.05), Pallid Harrier (08.05.05), American Black Duck (31.12.04). Among the higlights: Barrow's Goldeneye, Desert Wheatear, Dusky Thrush & Hume's Warbler (Norway) Ross's Gull (Sweden).


Rick Waldrop

USA 402
Savi's Warbler, Hazel Grouse, E Woodcock in Poland, 2014; 12 new species seen in Germany and France in July, 2003, 20 new lifers in Spain in Nov., 2006, 11 lifers in Germany in May, 2008, and a Moussier's Redstart and Blue Rock Thrush in Malta in 2009.


Nathan Kipling

British 400
2021 Rufous Turtle Dove, Black-browed Albatross, White-tailed Lapwing, Green Warbler, Taiga Flycatcher, Belted Kingfisher, 2020 Tennessee Warbler, Pallas's Grasshopper Warbler, Blackpoll Warbler, 2019 Black-winged Pratincole, Brown Shrike, 2018 Swainson's Thrush, 2016 Siberian Accentor, Dusky Thrush, 2014 Yellow-rumped Warbler, Pied-billed Grebe, Eastern Crowned Warbler, 2013 Ivory Gull, Buff-bellied Pipit.


Andris Klepers

Latvian 400
Passerella iliaca in Haapsalu (Estonia), Pine bunting (Latvia)


Joop van Ardenne

nederlands 400


Mark Eising

Dutch 396
Northern Hawk-Owl in Zwolle, The Netherlands (6 December 2013); Madeira Firecrest, Madeira Chaffinch, Berthelot's Pipit, Trocaz Pigeon on Madeira, Portugal (November 2013). Please see my photo website: for 1.590 different species of birds and many other animals.


Nick A. Smith

English 396
Siberian Jay, White-billed Diver, and all the breeding waders up on the Varanger Peninsula, Norway


Luca Boscain

Italian 390
Yellow-billed Loon (Austria 2009), Western Reef Egret (Italy 2010), Pink-footed Goose (Italy 2011), Lesser White-fronted Goose (Italy 2008), Red-breasted Goose (Italy 2011), Black-shouldered Kite (Italy 2009), Greater Sandplover (Italy 2010), Ring-billed Gull (Italy 2007), Hume's Warbler (Italy 2009), Pine Bunting (Italy 2011), Little Bunting (Italy 2011)


Fournier Jérôme

French 390


Andrew Grinter

English 390
Great Snipe


Yves Borremans

belgian 382
sept 2009


Andrew Grinter

English 381
Black Duck


Ian Pitts

UK 381
Sora and Arctic Redpoll, Wilson's Phalarope


Mark Gawn

Canada 373
Squeeking in a Ural Owl in Hungary; all of the European Woodpeckers. Latest addition: July 18, 2009, Rosy Starling, Switzerland


Stevie Evans

English Durham 373
Oct 05 Leaches Petrel. 9/1/05 WilsonsPhalarope. LittleAuk. 31/10 MASKED Shrike. 24/10 Pallas's, Greenish, USA Robin, SeaEagle, Rosefinch, LBDowitcher, Lesser Sand Plover, 1/6 Purple Heron, Golden Oriole, Golden Pheasant, Eleonoras Falcons


Peter R. Bono

USA 372
Last visit in Oct 2019, Italy. Lifer: Monk Parakeet
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