Sri Lanka - new endemics and future splits

Published by Ashley Banwell (otusbrooki AT

Participants: Ashley Banwell and Claudia Banwell with John Gregory and Jane Whitaker for Ceylon Bay Owl dipping


(We are running a two-week endemic clean up trip 15th - 29th November 2008, please e-mail on for details. This is easy relaxing trip with time for photography and chilling out.)

This trip was from 16th - 28th December 2007 and the aim was to see Serindib Scops Owl and to try and see some new and future splits as well as some winter visitors to the region. We were successful with seeing Serindib Scops Owl at its day roost. Other good birds were Ceylon Wood Pigeon, Indian Pitta, Pied Ground Thrush, Slaty-legged Crake, Ceylon Scaly Thrush, Ceylon Spurfowl, White-naped Woodpecker, Kashmir Flycatcher and Ceylon Frogmouth. Despite 4 nights looking we managed to dip Ceylon Bay Owl! Another rare winter visitor we saw was Isabelline Wheatear at Bundala

Full report with photos

Species Lists

Spot-billed Pelican
Little Cormorant
Gray Heron
Purple Heron
Great Egret
Indian Pond-Heron
Cattle Egret
Black-crowned Night-Heron
Yellow Bittern
Painted Stork
Asian Openbill
Black-headed Ibis
Eurasian Spoonbill
Fulvous Whistling-Duck
Northern Pintail
Oriental Honey-Buzzard
Black Kite
Brahminy Kite
White-bellied Sea-Eagle
Crested Serpent-Eagle
Black Eagle
Changeable Hawk-Eagle
Jungle Bush-Quail
Ceylon Spurfowl 2 females with a fine males eventually seen well at Kitugala
Ceylon Junglefowl
Indian Peafowl
Barred Buttonquail
Slaty-legged Crake brilliant views 2 days running in Victoria Park
White-breasted Waterhen
Purple Swamphen
Common Moorhen
Pheasant-tailed Jacana
Black-winged Stilt
Great Thick-knee
Small Pratincole
Yellow-wattled Lapwing
Red-wattled Lapwing
Pacific Golden-Plover
Black-bellied Plover
Common Ringed Plover
Little Ringed Plover
Lesser Sandplover
Common Redshank
Marsh Sandpiper
Common Greenshank
Wood Sandpiper
Common Sandpiper
Ruddy Turnstone
Little Stint
Curlew Sandpiper
Caspian Tern
Little Tern
Sooty Tern
Whiskered Tern
Rock Pigeon
Ceylon Wood-Pigeon 3 at Nuwara Eliya
Spotted Dove
Emerald Dove
Orange-breasted Pigeon
Pompadour Green-Pigeon
Green Imperial-Pigeon
Rose-ringed Parakeet
Layard's Parakeet
Ceylon Hanging-Parrot
Pied Cuckoo 1 at Bundala
Common Hawk-Cuckoo
Asian Koel
Blue-faced Malkoha
Greater Coucal
Serendib Scops-Owl excellent views at day roost
Brown Fish-Owl
Jungle Owlet
Brown Hawk-Owl spotlighted at dusk
Ceylon Frogmouth spoltlighted
Indian Swiftlet
Asian Palm-Swift
Little Swift
Crested Treeswift
Black-backed Kingfisher
Stork-billed Kingfisher
White-throated Kingfisher
Pied Kingfisher
Green Bee-eater
Blue-tailed Bee-eater
Chestnut-headed Bee-eater
Indian Roller
Ceylon Gray Hornbill
Brown-headed Barbet
Yellow-fronted Barbet
Crimson-fronted Barbet (Small Barbet)
Coppersmith Barbet
Black-rumped Flameback
Greater Flameback (future split)
White-naped Woodpecker
Indian Pitta
Jerdon's Bushlark
Ashy-crowned Sparrow-Lark
Oriental Skylark
Barn Swallow
Red-rumped Swallow
Gray Wagtail
Oriental Pipit
Large Cuckoo-shrike
Black-headed Cuckoo-shrike
Small Minivet
Bar-winged Flycatcher-Shrike
Red-vented Bulbul
Yellow-eared Bulbul
White-browed Bulbul
Yellow-browed Bulbul
Black Bulbul (future split)
Blue-winged Leafbird
Common Iora
Pied Thrush
Spot-winged Thrush
Ceylon Scaly Thrush good views of 1 in Victoria Park
Gray-breasted Prinia
Jungle Prinia
Ceylon Bush-Warbler
Blyth's Reed-Warbler
Common Tailorbird
Greenish Warbler
Large-billed Leaf-Warbler
Brown-breasted Flycatcher
Kashmir Flycatcher
Dull-blue Flycatcher
Tickell's Blue-Flycatcher
Gray-headed Canary-Flycatcher
Indian Blue Robin
Oriental Magpie-Robin
Indian Robin
Pied Bushchat
Isabelline Wheatear
White-browed Fantail
Black-naped Monarch
Asian Paradise-Flycatcher endemic race seen as well as the regular species
Brown-capped Babbler
Indian Scimitar-Babbler
Tawny-bellied Babbler
Dark-fronted Babbler
Orange-billed Babbler
Yellow-billed Babbler
Great Tit
Velvet-fronted Nuthatch
Purple-rumped Sunbird
Purple Sunbird
Pale-billed Flowerpecker
Ceylon White-eye
Oriental White-eye
Black-hooded Oriole
Brown Shrike
Common Woodshrike
White-bellied Drongo
Ashy Woodswallow
House Crow
Southern Hill Myna
Common Myna
House Sparrow
White-rumped Munia
Black-throated Munia
Nutmeg Mannikin

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