Botswana, Namibia and Zambia Birding and Wildlife Tour, 15 - 23 February 2008

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Participants: John and Hilary Cockbill, Richard and Sue Cockbill, Roger and Pippa Munyard with Peter Lawson (tour leader)


Tour Summary

Temperature Range: 17 C – 33 C

Total Birds Seen: 221

Total Mammals Seen: 22

Birds of the trip:

Shaft-tailed Whydah
Amur Falcon
Broad-tailed Paradise-Whydah
Greater Swamp-Warbler
Thrush Nightingale

Day 1: Friday 15 February 2008 Taita Falcon Lodge, Zambia

Route: Johannesburg to Livingstone by air, to Victoria Falls on the Zambia side and transfer by road to Taita Falcon Lodge

Weather: Hot and humid in Zambia with rain in the evening

Temperature : 30º C max.

Day 2: Saturday 16 February 2008 ~ Taita Falcon Lodge, Zambia

Route: Walks around the lodge and vicinity morning and afternoon.

Weather: Cool and pleasant early morning. Hot balance of day

Temperature range: 20º C – 29º C

Day 3: Sunday 17 February 2008 ~ Elephant Valley Lodge, Botswana

Route: Transfer by road to Livingstone and then by road to Kazangulu . Transfer by boat across the Zambezi and finally by open vehicle to the lodge. Late afternoon open vehicle drive to Chobe National Park.

Weather: Partially overcast, otherwise sunny and clear but not hot. Short storm in afternoon.

Temperature range: 20º C – 25º C

Day 4: Monday 18 February 2008 ~ Elephant Valley Lodge, Botswana

Route: Boat ride on Chobe River in morning. Afternoon drive in Chobe National Park on different route to previous day.

Weather: Partially overcast. Not excessively hot.

Temperature range: 17º C – 28º C

Day 5: Tuesday 19 February 2008 ~ Elephant Valley Lodge, Botswana

Route: To Chobe National Park by vehicle and by boat.

Weather: Cool in the morning but hot later. No rain.

Temperature range: 17º C – 31º C

Day 6: Wednesday 20 February 2008 ~Ntwala Island Lodge Namibia

Route: Road transport to Kasane. By boat across Chobe River to Impalila Island for entry to Namibia and then up Kasai Channel into Zambezi River and to Ntwala Island.

Weather: Hot and clear. No rain.

Temperature range: 19º C – 31ºC

Day 7: Thursday 21 February 2008 ~ Ntwala Island Lodge, Namibia

Route: To Impalila Island in morning and up Zambezi River by boat in afternoon.

Weather: Hot. No rain during day but some in evening.

Temperature range: 19º C – 31º C

Day 8: Friday 22 February 2008 ~ Ntwala Island Lodge Namibia

Route: Walk on Impalila Island in the morning. Sunset cruise up Zambezi River late afternoon.

Weather: Hot and Sunny.

Temperature range: 20º - 32ºC

Day 9: Saturday 23 February 2008 ~ Departure

Route: Early birding on Ntwala Island. By boat to Kasane and vehicle to airport for charter flight to Livingstone airport(including “flight of angels” and final flight to Johannesburg, then the UK for some and Cape Town for others.

Weather: Partially cloudy but mainly hot and sunny.

Temperature range: 20ºC – 32ºC

Species Lists

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