Repositioning Cruise from San Diego, California, April 19th - 23rd 2011

Published by Keith Taylor (huet_2000 AT


It wasn't long before the first Cook's Petrel was seen as a small white flash in the distance through the binoculars, perhaps at two o'clock and about sixty miles due west of Big Sur. Four of five Murphy's passed by unseen and my nerves were on edge. This was quelled somewhat when the fellow from Montana managed to spot a Murphy's through his scope and let me use his expensive equipment afterward. This resulted in a fantastic and prolonged view of a Cook's dorsal side and the pale gray wings with the dark "W" was seen clearly. At least twelve more were seen at a distance; their small size and arching flight presented views of the white underside then of the pale gray saddle, an action that made them easy to identify after several observations.

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