Brazil: Bahia - Serra Bonita and Una - May 5th-10th 2014

Published by Paulo Boute (pauloboute AT

Participants: Paulo Boute and Dave


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White-winged Cotinga.
White-winged Cotinga.

This tour was aimed at mammals and birds! We had a great time with both! For this tour I had only one single guest: Dave, from Canada.

We stayed in Serra Bonita for two nights, and then moved to Una for three nights. The Serra Bonita Lodging was great. The lodging in Una was at a basic hotel, but the rooms had private WC, hot shower and AC. The meals were at our lodging and they were delicious!I arrived two days earlier, so I could double check the trails.

May 5:

Dave arrived at the airport of Ilheus at 1:00 PM on May 5th. First, we drove to the Sloth Sanctuary at CEPLAC (a government institution that does research on cacao), where they had 12 captive (rehabilitating) Brown-throated Sloths, and Dave saw his first few lifer birds. Then, we drove to Camacan, where we met Victor, who drove us to his Serra Bonita lodge in a 4x4 vehicle. We arrived by 7:00 PM, ate dinner & went to bed, but not before turning on a special lamp near our rooms to attract moths (Victor has a PhD degree on them).

May 6:

At dawn, Victor showed us a family of Crab-eating Foxes that comes to a dog-food dish that they set out near the lodge. This morning the foxes brought with them three tiny black cubs, too small even to get their heads over the side of the dog dish! After a quick breakfast, we walked down the road until the surrounding forest gave way to pasture. It was very productive bird wise (including Spot-backed Antshrike, Plumbeous Antvireo, Swallow-tailed Manakin, Gray-hooded Attila, Rufous-brown Solitaire, and Rufous-headed Tanager) & we twice met a group of Yellow-breasted Capuchins.

We had a lovely lunch, and because of the heavy rain, we spent the rest of the day at the veranda, watching birds at the feeder. The adult Crab-eating Foxes returned, allowing us to photograph them in the daylight. The feeders were quite busy with Red-necked Tanagers (that rarely come to feeders), Green-headed Tanagers, three species of Euphonia, Sayaca, Palm, Azure-shouldered and Golden-chevroned tanagers, Maroon-bellied Parakeet, Spot-billed Toucanet, Sombre Hummingbird, Black Jacobin, and Violet-capped Woodnymph, among others. A female Pin-tailed Manakin, a Yellow-lored Tody-flycatcher, a pair of Three-striped Flycatchers, a Chestnut-crowned Becard, and a Pallid Spinetail also passed through. A roost of short-tailed bats was seen above one of the doorways at the lodge.

We had dinner and returned to our rooms. At night, while photographing moths at the special lamp, we found a nice pair of Black-capped Screech-owls.

May 7:

In the morning of Day 2, we found lots of moths on the wall & took many pictures. In the meantime, Short-tailed Nighthawks flew overhead. After our breakfast, we took a walk on the road. We couldn't find the Pink-legged Graveteiro (but we found it later in Una), but saw Surucua Trogon, Black-capped and White-eyed foliage-gleaners, Spot-backed Antshrike, Star-throated and Rufous-winged antwrens, Spot-breasted Antvireo, at least four Sharpbills, Black-throated Grosbeak, and got great photos of a Crescent-chested Puffbird. We had a very nice lunch & departed for Una.

Along the way, we passed through Santa Luzia. We saw many birds, especially near the marshes after the village, including Brazilian Teal, Savannah Hawk, South American Snipe, Guira Cuckoo, Plain and Golden-capped parakeets, Campo Flicker, White Woodpecker, Aplomado Falcon, White-bellied Seedeater, Red-cowled Cardinal, and Chestnut-capped and White-browed blackbirds. We arrived in Una, just before dark, but, quite happy with our birding along the route! At dinner, we met three biologists doing research on rodents. Very nice people.

May 8:

In the morning of Day 3, we took the road to the Una Biological Station. We saw a female White-winged Cotinga en route. We crossed a bridge with a sign that translates from Portuguese into "Danger, this bridge is about to collapse". We walked through a forest patch and an open area and saw many birds (including Pink-legged Graveteiro, Wing-banded Hornero, Band-tailed Antwren, and Brazilian Tanager), and several troops of Wied’s Marmosets, and Golden-headed Lion Tamarins. We went back to town for lunch. In the afternoon, we took the road that leads to the (now closed) Una Ecopark. It was very birdy, including Sooretama Slaty-Antshrike, Bahia Antwren, and several leks of Red-headed Manakins, just to mention a few.

May 9:

For our last full day, we hired a 4x4 vehicle, and explored the Una Biological Station. The parking lot was full of birds, and included close looks at Black-necked Aracari. We walked the entire morning, in search of Maned Sloths, birds and other mammals. There were few birds (including Yellow-green Grosbeak) but, we had another nice group of Golden-headed Lion Tamarins, some individuals passed just a few feet away from us! In the afternoon, we explored some of the forested roads, and late in the day we went to a private reserve where we saw Channel-billed Toucans and enjoyed long looks at two Coastal Black-handed (Masked) Titi monkeys, which were located side-by-side with a female White-winged Cotinga!

May 10:

We drove around the town of Una in the morning, looking for marmosets. Along the way, we saw a Spotted Piculet, and eventually caught up with a pair of Wied’s Marmosets. We left our hotel by 8:00 AM & drove to a village called Olivença, where we stopped at the house of someone that has permission to handle confiscated animals and birds. There, we had the chance to hold & take lots of pictures of the very rare Maned Sloth! Then, we drove to Itacare in search of the Scaled Antbird, which we found quite easily. The birding there wasn't intensive, and we were really just killing time before going - finally - to the airport. We arrived at the airport by 2:00 PM. We took the same flight with different final destinations - Dave to Belo Horizonte & me to Aracajú. We did that with big smiles on our faces!

I'm ready to reply e-mails, with requests for additional information about lodging and 4x4 vehicle transportation & guide assistance.

Paulo Boute.

e-mail: / Professional Bird Guide since 1982.

Species Lists

Family Common Name Scientific Name Number of Sites Notes

1 Tinamidae Little Tinamou Crypturellus soui 1 Heard Only
2 Phalacrocoracidae Neotropic Cormorant Phalacrocorax brasilianus 2
3 Ardeidae Great Egret Ardea alba 3
4 Ardeidae Little Blue Heron Egretta caerulea 1
5 Ardeidae Snowy Egret Egretta thula 2
6 Ardeidae Cattle Egret Bubulcus ibis 1
7 Ardeidae Striated Heron Butorides striata 1
8 Anatidae Brazilian Teal Amazonetta brasiliensis 1
9 Cathartidae Black Vulture Coragyps atratus 6
10 Cathartidae Turkey Vulture Cathartes aura 1
11 Cathartidae Lesser Yellow-headed Vulture Cathartes burrovianus 5
12 Accipitridae Savanna Hawk Buteogallus meridionalis 1
13 Accipitridae Roadside Hawk Buteo magnirostris 4
14 Accipitridae Zone-tailed Hawk Buteo albonotatus 2
15 Falconidae Southern Caracara Caracara plancus 4
16 Falconidae Yellow-headed Caracara Milvago chimachima 2
17 Falconidae Laughing Falcon Herpetotheres cachinnans 2
18 Falconidae Aplomado Falcon Falco femoralis 1
19 Rallidae Ash-throated Crake Porzana albicollis 1 Heard Only
20 Rallidae Purple Gallinule Porphyrio martinicus 1
21 Jacanidae Wattled Jacana Jacana jacana 3
22 Charadriidae Southern Lapwing Vanellus chilensis 4
23 Scolopacidae South American Snipe Gallinago paraguaiae 1
24 Columbidae Rock Pigeon Columba livia 2
25 Columbidae Picazuro Pigeon Patagioenas picazuro 2
26 Columbidae Pale-vented Pigeon Patagioenas cayennensis 2
27 Columbidae Plumbeous Pigeon Patagioenas plumbea 1 Heard Only
28 Columbidae Ruddy Ground-Dove Columbina talpacoti 3 aka "Black Beans Broth Colored Ground Dove"
29 Columbidae Scaled Dove Columbina squammata 1
30 Columbidae Gray-fronted Dove Leptotila rufaxilla 1
31 Psittacidae Golden-capped Parakeet Aratinga auricapillus 3
32 Psittacidae Peach-fronted Parakeet Aratinga aurea 5
33 Psittacidae Maroon-bellied Parakeet Pyrrhura frontalis 1
34 Psittacidae Blue-winged Parrotlet Forpus xanthopterygius 1
35 Psittacidae Plain Parakeet Brotogeris tirica 2
36 Cuculidae Squirrel Cuckoo Piaya cayana 1
37 Cuculidae Smooth-billed Ani Crotophaga ani 4
38 Cuculidae Guira Cuckoo Guira guira 2
39 Strigidae Black-capped Screech-Owl Megascops atricapilla 1
40 Caprimulgidae Short-tailed Nighthawk Lurocalis semitorquatus 1
41 Caprimulgidae Pauraque Nyctidromus albicollis 2
42 Apodidae Gray-rumped Swift Chaetura cinereiventris 1
43 Trochilidae Rufous-breasted Hermit Glaucis hirsutus 1
44 Trochilidae Reddish Hermit Phaethornis ruber 1
45 Trochilidae Sombre Hummingbird Aphantochroa cirrochloris 1
46 Trochilidae Swallow-tailed Hummingbird Eupetomena macroura 2
47 Trochilidae Black Jacobin Florisuga fusca 2
48 Trochilidae Violet-capped Woodnymph Thalurania glaucopis 1
49 Trochilidae Rufous-throated Sapphire Hylocharis sapphirina 1
50 Trochilidae White-chinned Sapphire Hylocharis cyanus 1
51 Trochilidae Plain-bellied Emerald Amazilia leucogaster 1
52 Trochilidae Black-eared Fairy Heliothryx auritus 1
53 Trogonidae Green-backed Trogon Trogon viridis 2 aka "White-tailed Trogon"
54 Trogonidae Surucua Trogon Trogon surrucura 1
55 Alcedinidae Green Kingfisher Chloroceryle americana 1
56 Galbulidae Rufous-tailed Jacamar Galbula ruficauda 1
57 Bucconidae Crescent-chested Puffbird Malacoptila striata 1
58 Bucconidae Swallow-wing Chelidoptera tenebrosa 2
59 Ramphastidae Black-necked Aracari Pteroglossus aracari 2
60 Ramphastidae Spot-billed Toucanet Selenidera maculirostris 1
61 Ramphastidae Channel-billed Toucan Ramphastos vitellinus 1 ariel race with orange throat
62 Picidae Golden-spangled Piculet Picumnus exilis 2
63 Picidae Spotted Piculet Picumnus pygmaeus 1
64 Picidae White Woodpecker Melanerpes candidus 2
65 Picidae Little Woodpecker Veniliornis passerinus 1
66 Picidae Yellow-throated Woodpecker Piculus flavigula 1 erythropis race with red throat
67 Picidae Green-barred Woodpecker Colaptes melanochloros 1
68 Picidae Campo Flicker Colaptes campestris 1
69 Picidae Lineated Woodpecker Dryocopus lineatus 1
70 Furnariidae Wing-banded Hornero Furnarius figulus 1
71 Furnariidae Rufous Hornero Furnarius rufus 3
72 Furnariidae Pallid Spinetail Cranioleuca pallida 1
73 Furnariidae Pink-legged Graveteiro Acrobatornis fonsecai 1
74 Furnariidae Yellow-chinned Spinetail Certhiaxis cinnamomeus 1
75 Furnariidae Rufous-fronted Thornbird Phacellodomus rufifrons 1
76 Furnariidae Plain Xenops Xenops minutus 1
77 Furnariidae Streaked Xenops Xenops rutilans 2
78 Furnariidae Black-capped Foliage-gleaner Philydor atricapillus 1
79 Furnariidae White-eyed Foliage-gleaner Automolus leucophthalmus 1
80 Furnariidae Plain-winged Woodcreeper Dendrocincla turdina 2
81 Furnariidae Wedge-billed Woodcreeper Glyphorynchus spirurus 1
82 Furnariidae Lesser Woodcreeper Xiphorhynchus fuscus 1
83 Furnariidae Straight-billed Woodcreeper Dendroplex picus 1
84 Thamnophilidae Spot-backed Antshrike Hypoedaleus guttatus 2
85 Thamnophilidae Chestnut-backed Antshrike Thamnophilus palliatus 1
86 Thamnophilidae Sooretama Slaty-Antshrike Thamnophilus ambiguus 1
87 Thamnophilidae Spot-breasted Antvireo Dysithamnus stictothorax 2
88 Thamnophilidae Plumbeous Antvireo Dysithamnus plumbeus 1
89 Thamnophilidae Cinereous Antshrike Thamnomanes caesius 1
90 Thamnophilidae Star-throated Antwren Rhopias gularis 1
91 Thamnophilidae White-flanked Antwren Myrmotherula axillaris 1
92 Thamnophilidae Band-tailed Antwren Myrmotherula urosticta 1
93 Thamnophilidae Bahia Antwren Herpsilochmus pileatus 1
94 Thamnophilidae Rufous-winged Antwren Herpsilochmus rufimarginatus 1
95 Thamnophilidae Scaled Antbird Drymophila squamata 1
96 Thamnophilidae White-shouldered Fire-eye Pyriglena leucoptera 1
97 Cotingidae Sharpbill Oxyruncus cristatus 1
98 Cotingidae White-winged Cotinga Xipholena atropurpurea 2
99 Pipridae White-bearded Manakin Manacus manacus 3
100 Pipridae Swallow-tailed Manakin Chiroxiphia caudata 1
101 Pipridae Red-headed Manakin Ceratopipra rubrocapilla 1
102 Pipridae Pin-tailed Manakin Ilicura militaris 1
103 Pipridae Striped Manakin Machaeropterus regulus 2 regulus "Eastern Striped Manakin" race
104 Pipridae Pale-bellied Tyrant-Manakin Neopelma pallescens 1
105 Cotingidae Greenish Schiffornis Schiffornis virescens 1 Heard Only
106 Tyrannidae Yellow Tyrannulet Capsiempis flaveola 2
107 Tyrannidae Yellow-bellied Elaenia Elaenia flavogaster 1
108 Tyrannidae Sepia-capped Flycatcher Leptopogon amaurocephalus 1
109 Tyrannidae Planalto Tyrannulet Phyllomyias fasciatus 1
110 Tyrannidae Eared Pygmy-Tyrant Myiornis auricularis 1
111 Tyrannidae Gray-headed Tody-Flycatcher Todirostrum poliocephalum 1
112 Tyrannidae Large-headed Flatbill Ramphotrigon megacephalum 1 Heard Only
113 Tyrannidae Yellow-olive Flycatcher Tolmomyias sulphurescens 2
114 Tyrannidae White-throated Spadebill Platyrinchus mystaceus 1
115 Tyrannidae Whiskered Flycatcher Myiobius barbatus 1
116 Tyrannidae Euler's Flycatcher Lathrotriccus euleri 1
117 Tyrannidae Tropical Pewee Contopus cinereus 1
118 Tyrannidae Masked Water-Tyrant Fluvicola nengeta 2
119 Tyrannidae White-headed Marsh-Tyrant Arundinicola leucocephala 1
120 Tyrannidae Yellow-browed Tyrant Satrapa icterophrys 1
121 Tyrannidae Long-tailed Tyrant Colonia colonus 1
122 Tyrannidae Cattle Tyrant Machetornis rixosa 5
123 Tyrannidae Gray-hooded Attila Attila rufus 1
124 Tyrannidae Grayish Mourner Rhytipterna simplex 2
125 Tyrannidae Short-crested Flycatcher Myiarchus ferox 1
126 Tyrannidae Great Kiskadee Pitangus sulphuratus 4
127 Tyrannidae Boat-billed Flycatcher Megarynchus pitangua 2
128 Tyrannidae Social Flycatcher Myiozetetes similis 3
129 Tyrannidae Three-striped Flycatcher Conopias trivirgatus 1
130 Tyrannidae Piratic Flycatcher Legatus leucophaius 1
131 Tyrannidae Tropical Kingbird Tyrannus melancholicus 7
132 Cotingidae Chestnut-crowned Becard Pachyramphus castaneus 1
133 Cotingidae Green-backed Becard Pachyramphus viridis 1
134 Cotingidae White-winged Becard Pachyramphus polychopterus 1
135 Hirundinidae Brown-chested Martin Progne tapera 3
136 Hirundinidae Gray-breasted Martin Progne chalybea 1
137 Hirundinidae White-winged Swallow Tachycineta albiventer 3
138 Hirundinidae Blue-and-white Swallow Pygochelidon cyanoleuca 1
139 Hirundinidae Southern Rough-winged Swallow Stelgidopteryx ruficollis 2
140 Troglodytidae Black-capped Donacobius Donacobius atricapilla 1
141 Troglodytidae Tropical Wren Troglodytes musculus 2
142 Mimidae Tropical Mockingbird Mimus gilvus 1
143 Mimidae Chalk-browed Mockingbird Mimus saturninus 3
144 Turdidae Rufous-brown Solitaire Cichlopsis leucogenys 1
145 Turdidae Rufous-bellied Thrush Turdus rufiventris 1
146 Turdidae Pale-breasted Thrush Turdus leucomelas 1
147 Turdidae White-necked Thrush Turdus albicollis 1
148 Passeridae House Sparrow Passer domesticus 2
149 Vireonidae Red-eyed Vireo Vireo olivaceus 1 Chivi Vireo (non mig race in Brazil)
150 Vireonidae Rufous-browed Peppershrike Cyclarhis gujanensis 1 Heard Only
151 Parulidae Tropical Parula Setophaga pitiayumi 1
152 Parulidae Neotropical River Warbler Myiothlypis rivularis 1
153 Parulidae Golden-crowned Warbler Basileuterus culicivorus 1
154 Parulidae Flavescent Warbler Myiothlypis flaveola 1
155 Coerebidae Bananaquit Coereba flaveola 2
156 Thraupidae Chestnut-vented Conebill Conirostrum speciosum 1
157 Thraupidae Rufous-headed Tanager Hemithraupis ruficapilla 1
158 Thraupidae Yellow-backed Tanager Hemithraupis flavicollis 1
159 Thraupidae Hooded Tanager Nemosia pileata 3
160 Thraupidae Red-crowned Ant-Tanager Habia rubica 1
161 Thraupidae Brazilian Tanager Ramphocelus bresilius 1
162 Thraupidae Sayaca Tanager Thraupis sayaca 3
163 Thraupidae Azure-shouldered Tanager Thraupis cyanoptera 1
164 Thraupidae Golden-chevroned Tanager Thraupis ornata 2
165 Thraupidae Palm Tanager Thraupis palmarum 3
166 Thraupidae Purple-throated Euphonia Euphonia chlorotica 2
167 Thraupidae Violaceous Euphonia Euphonia violacea 1
168 Thraupidae Chestnut-bellied Euphonia Euphonia pectoralis 1
169 Thraupidae Turquoise Tanager Tangara mexicana 1 braziliensis "White-bellied Tanager" race
170 Thraupidae Green-headed Tanager Tangara seledon 3
171 Thraupidae Red-necked Tanager Tangara cyanocephala 2
172 Thraupidae Burnished-buff Tanager Tangara cayana 2 flava race with extensive black on belly
173 Thraupidae Opal-rumped Tanager Tangara velia 1 cyanomelas "Silvery-breasted Tanager" race
174 Thraupidae Blue Dacnis Dacnis cayana 2
175 Thraupidae Green Honeycreeper Chlorophanes spiza 2
176 Thraupidae Red-legged Honeycreeper Cyanerpes cyaneus 1
177 Thraupidae Swallow-Tanager Tersina viridis 2
178 Emberizidae Yellow-bellied Seedeater Sporophila nigricollis 2
179 Emberizidae White-bellied Seedeater Sporophila leucoptera 2
180 Emberizidae Saffron Finch Sicalis flaveola 2
181 Emberizidae Red-cowled Cardinal Paroaria dominicana 3
182 Emberizidae Grassland Sparrow Ammodramus humeralis 1
183 Cardinalidae Buff-throated Saltator Saltator maximus 3
184 Cardinalidae Black-throated Grosbeak Saltator fuliginosus 1
185 Cardinalidae Yellow-green Grosbeak Caryothraustes canadensis 1 braziliensis ('yellow-fronted') race
186 Icteridae Chestnut-capped Blackbird Chrysomus ruficapillus 1
187 Icteridae White-browed Blackbird Sturnella superciliaris 2
188 Icteridae Giant Cowbird Molothrus oryzivorus 1
189 Icteridae Yellow-rumped Cacique Cacicus cela 2
190 Icteridae Red-rumped Cacique Cacicus haemorrhous 1
191 Icteridae Chopi Blackbird Gnorimopsar chopi 2