Derbyshire Bird News

  • @Derbyshirebirds 12 hrs ago
    @jparrylrc @BirdTrack @_BTO @Natures_Voice @EasternMoors A-ha! Great stuff! 👍
  • @Derbyshirebirds 12 hrs ago
    @RobDavis1104 Ok, you win best tweet of today Rob 😂
  • @Derbyshirebirds 12 hrs ago
    @jparrylrc @BirdTrack @_BTO @Natures_Voice @EasternMoors Warbling like a Willow Warbler perhaps? (Descending, delicate notes)
  • @Derbyshirebirds 12 hrs ago
    @jparrylrc @BirdTrack @_BTO @Natures_Voice @EasternMoors The eyestripe looks too strong to be a Garden Warbler. Why…
  • @Derbyshirebirds 13 hrs ago
    @CraigPitchford @BirdGuides Great find Craig! #derbyshirebirds
  • @Derbyshirebirds 1 day + 14 hrs ago
    @ddbirder Nothing known here Simon, sorry. There were 5 Cranes in north Notts earlier today. Possible mixup in ID??
  • @Derbyshirebirds 2 days + 20 hrs ago
    @JJONEILLimages @Natures_Voice @peakdistrict Hi John. No, that's a Kestrel. Hobby would show a dark hood around the…
  • @Derbyshirebirds 3 days + 18 hrs ago
    42 Whooper Swan flew from Notts towards the Derbyshire border, but appear to have evaded being seen. Anyone spot th…
  • @Derbyshirebirds 4 days + 20 hrs ago
    News of a Bluethroat at #CarrVale NR, seen yesterday morning briefly but not seen all day, or this morning sadly #derbyshirebirds
  • @Derbyshirebirds 5 days + 8 hrs ago
    @taspinallphotos Definitely Black Redstart, nice one!
  • @Derbyshirebirds 5 days + 11 hrs ago
    Still chance to grab a ticket for our Indoor Meeting this evening at 730pm when Mark Sisson will give his talk "Fro…
  • @Derbyshirebirds 5 days + 11 hrs ago
    @taspinallphotos @WildlifePrecey Classic BlackRed behaviour. Redstart should be in the wooded areas looking for bre…
  • @Derbyshirebirds 5 days + 11 hrs ago
    @WildlifePrecey @taspinallphotos Exactly Phil
  • @Derbyshirebirds 5 days + 11 hrs ago
    @taspinallphotos Not sure if you have any more photos Tom, but the general smokiness of this bird gives it a more B…
  • @Derbyshirebirds 6 days + 7 hrs ago
    @BillAspin Anything from your patch @Alexander_Lees ?
  • @Derbyshirebirds 6 days + 11 hrs ago
    @domhall Yes! The statement "free to everyone" also applies to you Dominic 😂😂 See you there!
  • @Derbyshirebirds 6 days + 11 hrs ago
    @Norfolkbirding @DanielCMartin1 @ProjectStork @BirdGuides @RareBirdAlertUK The great thing about a big species like…
  • @Derbyshirebirds 6 days + 12 hrs ago
    @MrSteveyJames @NatureUK @Natures_Voice @Britnatureguide @iNatureUK @Team4Nature @DerbysWildlife Was this today Ste…
  • @Derbyshirebirds 7 days + 7 hrs ago
    Our next indoor meeting will be Monday 12th April 730pm. Mark Sisson will be presenting "From Alaska to Argentina".…
  • @Derbyshirebirds 7 days + 18 hrs ago
    @MarkG76 @DerbysWildlife Astonishing number of Cetti's Mark, nice one ✅ #derbyshirebirds