Midlands (West) Bird News

  • @Warksbirdobs 0 hrs ago
    @NWarksBirder Yes
  • @Warksbirdobs 13 hrs ago
    @BirderGaz @Kevin_Clements I have that somewhere, possibly ruined by mice in the garage and within 100metres of sai… https://t.co/GuBOd0Vwup
  • @Warksbirdobs 13 hrs ago
    @JPMKenny85 @pauls44316062 @GusAriss You didn't see 2,000 Red-legs ? Must be hiding.
  • @Warksbirdobs 13 hrs ago
    @JPMKenny85 Get in there, James. What potential. Cotswolds meets #wmbc.
  • @Warksbirdobs 1 day + 14 hrs ago
    @Rob33121655jc @WestMidBirdClub Hi. Good record. The Warks recorder would appreciate the breeding record via @BirdTrack or via email etc.
  • @Warksbirdobs 3 days + 0 hrs ago
    Getting away from it all. Heaven. Twats. https://t.co/eYH1xTq6bE
  • @Warksbirdobs 3 days + 15 hrs ago
    @miss_vivienne Thank you for that, it's one of our favourite sing a longs after the wine. Great at Glastonbury. Furry animals too.
  • @Warksbirdobs 3 days + 18 hrs ago
    @Chris_Wilde @Mcfcok71 @McDonaldsUK Can't ever remember a product of theirs that was at a decent temperature. Dread… https://t.co/2bFOhLcgua
  • @Warksbirdobs 4 days + 15 hrs ago
    @GrantHames As said before on here but worth it again. "At least one organised Event is happening this year ". Well done.
  • @Warksbirdobs 4 days + 15 hrs ago
    @WildlifeLucy Ah yes. Harm. Hope so. You can't be sure though. Take care.
  • @Warksbirdobs 4 days + 17 hrs ago
    @WildlifeLucy Oh Lucy. Sounds like a rough spell. Hope you continue to improve. Take care.
  • @Warksbirdobs 4 days + 19 hrs ago
    @JulianThomas19 Saw that too. ...
  • @Warksbirdobs 5 days + 20 hrs ago
    @FabienTempest @nicktweet @BrineMP Oh yes. The highlights row
  • @Warksbirdobs 5 days + 20 hrs ago
    @FabienTempest @nicktweet @BrineMP Patries ?
  • @Warksbirdobs 8 days + 14 hrs ago
    @FabienTempest Me too
  • @Warksbirdobs 8 days + 14 hrs ago
    @FabienTempest Yes. Well predicted but it could have gone either way right to the end. For a change we dominated injury time.
  • @Warksbirdobs 8 days + 14 hrs ago
    @StreamzFooty Thank you so much. Never missed a game #utv